Trauma is a subject you’ll find I talk a lot about on here.  Birth trauma can set the stage for how we choose to perceive and integrate love in our world.  We all come here longing to be and experience love while in a physical body.  Whatever we feel during gestation and then at the time of birth and onto the first weeks, months and years of our lives, imprints and distills itself into our systems as love.  Though in actuality, we soon learn as adults that the traumas we felt as children weren’t love at all but rather perspectives and ideas we carry about us and the world around us.

Once the system recognizes that the traumatic sensations and feelings are not really love, our system then sets out to feel and understand love.  It the proceeds to replay the same patterns over and over again.  It does this so we can have trigger points to stimulate those untrue thought patterns of what we’ve been taught love looks like and dispel the lies that we carry that are no longer serving us.

Long ago, when I saw how I was replaying life patterns over and over again, even though I was surprised each and every time because those life’s lessons can feel VERY hard at times, I wanted to know if I could heal the pain that I was carrying.  I have worked in the emotional/energy healing world for 12 years now and found rather quickly in my search that, yes indeed, you could heal EVERYTHING!

Most people don’t want to buy that belief.  It’s ok….they don’t have to.  I like believing that I have the ability to help heal not only my physical body but my emotional/psychological body as well.  I knew I had many traumatic experiences as I child that I needed healing from and felt ECSTATIC when I realized that I could heal anything within myself that I wanted.  What an empowering thought for me!

I starting doing several things to help in my healing…..going to retreats, sitting in ceremonies, working with medicine men and shaman, reading and educating myself on the REAL benefits of alternative healing.  I was shocked…..really, to begin with.  I thought so much of what was being done back then was just strange and abnormal.  I quickly learned that the effects of loving yourself enough to try and heal……that not only did you release and let go of old baggage…….but I found new and deeper levels of understanding, insights and peace I’d never felt before.  It was and still is a mind blowing yet subtly magnificent way to find wholeness.

Read the article below so as to understand the emotional/sensational process a fetus might go through in the birth process…..And read about one women’s experience to help heal herself from her own birth trauma.

“Recently I had encountered a spiritual talk on Spiritual Rebirther called Minood. A very interesting topic as it relates to birth. Though I did not sign up for the workshop. Later found out from a lady who attended the rebirth session….”

Another great article below which shows the link between emotional traumas and physical ailments.  Please READ!

Scientific Proof that Your Childhood Traumas are a MAJOR Factor in Your All Your Illnesses

“The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study is an ongoing research project which is perhaps the largest scientific research study of its kind. Its purpose it to analyze the relationship….” 

I have spent the last 10 years working out my own traumas, whether birth related or otherwise, and I have helped many others heal themselves from their own pain as well.  You can read more about EMOTIONAL HEALING on my page.

Also, I will be putting together a rebirthing ceremony, along with a breath work ceremony, sometimes in the next month or so.  I will be posting it on my website so check back!  You might want to consider joining us in a healing retreat that is happening in just 2 weeks. You can read more about it at SHIFTINGTOSOLACE. It will be quite the AMAZING experience for all involved.  I have no doubt.  Read the information below for more details.

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