Did you know that when you are pregnant…your baby…while in utero knows EXACTLY how you are feeling and feels it too? Happy, sad, joyful, angry, peaceful, depressed and so on and so forth. You name it…they can feel it! I know it’s hard to believe but it is TRUE!! Well, it is what I profoundly believe anyway.

I’m reading a very intriguing book right now called “Voices from the Womb” by Michael Gabriel. He is a hypnotherapist who has regressed 100’s of people back to their lives before they were even born. He uses a 4 step process to bring to light the hidden emotions of the person while they had been an unborn infant.

“In the womb we have no barrier to the emotional forces of life. Our experiences may well be more intense before birth than at any later time in life. If we are to understand ourselves, our motives, and personal development, the study of our prenatal experiences is invaluable. These experiences profoundly affect our ability to love ourselves and others and to achieve what we desire in life.”

I have spent the last few years reading and experimenting with the idea that all babies know what their mothers, and sometimes fathers, truly are feeling. Through the women I have worked with, most mothers who are deeply in tune with themselves and their babies, can and do feel how their babies are feeling. They sense that when they are struggling…their babies are struggling too! If they were happy and feeling carefree and stress free….they knew their babies were too!

Psychologist Arthur Janov in his book “Imprints: The Lifelong Effects of the Birth Experience states that “Not only is the fetus affected by what the mother takes into her system-it is equally affected by the state of that system-is that pregnant mother easygoing, relaxed and calm; or quiet and stable or is she encountering crisis after crisis? Not so surprisingly, both animal or human research is showing how the mother’s inner state profoundly affects the development and personality of her baby.”

In his book, Gabriel goes on to quote, Dr. Thomas Verny a Canadian psychiatrist who states in his book “The Secret Life of the Unborn Child”, “the unborn child is a feeling, remembering, aware being, and because he is, what happens to him-what happens to all of us-in the nine months between conception and birth molds and shapes personality and ambitions in very important ways.”

As a society we are more than ready to peg the majority of problems during pregnancy and birth on some physical ailment. I have come to the conclusion though, from the dozens of women I have worked with….we will birth as we were birthed! Until we can and are willing to look at any and all emotional trauma in regards to our own birth, we will struggle to truly create the easy, light, peaceful, and joyous births all woman deeply long for.

I still have about half the book to read so the jury is still out on exactly how I will feel about it. So far, I agree with most everything he says. The book is just a testament to me that until we are willing to face our fears and look within our own hearts, birth pain will seem insurmountable and pregnancy will be pegged a misery.

I believe conception, pregnancy and birth are meant to be the happiest times of our lives. Creating is what we do as humans and creating in the fashion that can come so lovingly and naturally leads me to think it is the most organic and rewarding thing we can do. But…we cannot do it and find that happiness if we are not choosing to do so as consciously as possible. We cannot do that as consciously as we need to unless we are acknowledging and accepting our inner fears and pains stemming from our own births and life as soon thereafter.

I’ll keep you posted on my final feelings about the book. Right now, it’s making me think and that’s all that matters.

Peace to you,