I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I had gotten my 2 back right molars removed. Well, life has been VERY hard for me since then. Because I waited 2 years to finally get up the guts to get those teeth pulled I have ABSOLUTELY killed my jaw. Now everytime I try to chew anything, I feel OVERWHELMING pain in the left side of my jaw enough so that I consider taking drugs but never do. It has become annoying as well as extremely bothersome to the extent that it is NOT worth trying to chew anymore. I can tell that my jaw is over taxed and not happy, to say the least. I believe in listening to our bodies and I feel my jaw is now telling me it needs to take a LONG break.

I know that my problem is mostly emotional but feel that I am working on that aspect. I can only do so much to move through what I need to so the pain can subside. I have been thinking about doing some kind of juice feasting like Angela Stokes did. You can read some about it on her site at www.rawreform.com. She juice fasted for 92 days! She loved it and seemed to feel healthier and stronger by the time it was over. But…I think maybe I don’t want to do that.
I was reading all about it from the links she gives on her site and I am thinking I want to tweak things a bit. As most of you know, I have been cutting out salt and lowering my fat intake over the past year or so. You can find out a bit more about that at Doug Graham’s site. For those who know me, you know I have to change and try things a bit differently than maybe is recommended by others. I went off salt for several months and then it slowly creeped back into my diet. That means that now I might eat something with salt once a week or once every couple of weeks but I find it interesting that my health has somewhat deteriated since that process. Not much, don’t get me wrong. I have just noticed a few things here and there where I feel my body is not feeling happy and at peace with what I am ingesting. I would like to get back to stregthening my body through the process of hydration, cleansing, rebuilding, exercise, sleep, meditation and sunbathing.
I like Doug Graham’s approach, to a certain extent. For me, I think it is a bit strict in some regards. I LOVE juicing and probably always will. I do believe the more we ease digestion, the better the body can alkalize and heal. So…what I am thinking of doing is cutting out salt and fat and then ingesting only juices and blended foods for the next 3 to 6 months depending on how long I feel I can do it. My hope is to maintain this diet until I finally recieve my teeth implants. I feel that this is what my body needs right now. I am thinking of blogging on the daily foods that I eat and then telling you how I feel and how it is going. I hope this will keep me motivated. I hope others will comment on my progress and let me know what they think about my endeavor.
I was hoping there are others that might be interested in jumping on the bandwagon or at least, doing it for a short period of time. There might be days where I drink only juice and then days where I incorporate blended foods. But becuase of my jaw, I really can’t chew so I figure I won’t. I will give my body a break and see what happens. I am really excited about this. I am really grateful to others who have forged ahead and experimented on themselves to find their path to peace. I am inspired by their example and feel this is the needed step for me right now. I figure I will just take it one day at a time. I have set some guidelines that will help me stay focused and on task to reach my final aspirations. I have a desire to move past food cravings but most of all to heal any emotions that are preventing me from fully feeling the love I want to feel from others and the world around me.
Tomorrow I think I will start with juice fasting most of the day and then maybe end it with a blended smoothie or soup of some kind. I will post what and when I ate everyday to keep everyone abreast. I hope this is as interesting to others as it will be educational for me and my personal growth. Stay tuned! This will be ALOT of FUN!!