I recently heard the song below and was fascinated by it.  It was written in the 60’s, a time of feminism and personal exploration.  A HUGE awakening was taking place where people found a new way of thinking and being.  I believe we are making a similar transition NOW in our world.  Especially when it comes to BIRTH!  

We are in a birth revolution and its VERY EXCITING!  Women, men and families are taking back their rights to birth how, when and where they choose.  They are standing up for freedom in pregnancy and birth and doing what they can to stimulate change and education.  Its AWESOME and INSPIRING in every way.

Sixteen years ago, I noticed a small and subtle shift taking place.  At that point, I still talked with women who thought I was COMPLETELY crazy (which I am, btw, I’m not afraid to admit it)  that I chose homebirth and waterbirth and even just plain ‘ol natural childbirth.  Just choosing to have your baby without any drugs was a concept most women scoffed at.

It was been a wonderful ride to see the courage, strength and personal empowerment of women and men to speak UP about the abuses and violence that currently take place in birth.  The level of control and falsely held beliefs surrounding birth seemed to stymie any growth for change within the birth environment for years. That is NO LONGER!

My experience has taught me that since the invent of the computer and the easy access to information has made, we’ve seen the BIGGEST differences.  Education is the key that opens the door to understanding and removal of myths and fears revolving around birth.  I know that sounds so simple but it really is.

I watch the faces of those who attend my childbirth classes and see a sense of bewilderment at where we are as a society and nation when it comes to birth.  They feel lost.  They feel scared.  Once they learn the truth about birth, the inherent safety of it when left alone, and the intelligent capacity of their bodies to birth healthy babies,  I see a couple who can move forward making positive birth choices based on truth, understanding and trust of human kind.  Its truly enlightening to watch!

I hope you enjoy the video below.  Its time to rip ourselves outside of the “birth box” and open new avenues for confident change in birth.  It really is time to unbind a women’s hands and offer her freedom in her birth choices. Its time to be, as Malvina Reynolds herself is, A REVOLUTIONARY!

In Peace,