I know it has been a week since I have posted again. So sorry to those of you who would like it if I posted more often. I had a request this week to finally post the burn pictures of my friend. I have been trying to figure out how to do this exactly. His brother, who took care of him AMAZINGLY, was VERY diligent at my request for the pictures so we could follow the healing process. So….I have about 60 picture of his feet, arms and legs. I have just been trying to figure out how to post them and get across how AWESOME his healing really was. I hope this turns out well and everyone can see the blessings of using Mother Earth helped heal my dear friend. He used Her gifts in more than just what herbs and oils he placed on the burns, he also took charge of his healing by consciously deciding what he would eat and not eat during the healing process along with any emotional issues he needed to heal to help speed up the process. He covered all his basis. This is taking charge of our own whole being health.

Aaron burned himself by accidentally falling into a raging fire. He ended up with 3rd degree burns on his feet and 2nd all over his arms and legs. We discussed with him the options of going to the emergency room but he stated he felt inspired to go the more “natural” route with his healing. There was a nurse who was present when he burned himself and she felt that he really needed to go to the hospital but he felt the need to put in faith in himself, Mother Earth and God. He took full responsibility for his own healing. I really was taken back by his strength even though he was in so much pain.

Right away, until I could get all my herbs and things together, we placed mud on each burnt sight. That stayed in placed for about an hour. Once I found everything I needed, we were ready to bandage him. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Dr. Christopher’s Burn Paste. It consists of BF&C powder, wheat germ oil and honey. We did change the concoction off and on for his particular situation. We also used some essential oils as more healing took place. I have to say that I believe Dr. Christopher was TOTALLY inspired with his herbal combinations. I have seen some astonishing things from his herbal combos.

Another blessing involved in the healing process was that I have FRESH comfrey leaves growing in my back yard. How cool is that!! So we were able to make up the paste and then top it off with a bruised comfrey leaf on top. I did learn ALOT about burns years ago when I took Sandy Ellis’s class on herbs. She has some mind blowing pictures in her latest book, “Dr. Mom’s Healthy Living” book. I think, in her book, the healing that took place with the little boy actually took longer to heal than Aaron’s and I thought the boy in the book had healed really fast.

Along with the paste he placed on the burns, he decided to change his diet to aid in his healing quicker. The first day he ate no food. Then he ate an all raw diet for over a week along with LOTS of fresh juices. After that he slowly added in more cooked foods while drinking fresh juices and taking some basic wide spectrum supplements. Don’t quote me on this but I think about 3 weeks into his healing, he decided to jump on the Master Cleanse. He stayed on it for 31 days!! He found the MOST healing taking place during this time. He also lost 55 lbs. Weight he has been wanting to loose for some time. He looks and feels great now and feels grateful for everything he learned from the experience. He has recently made a switch to a vegetarian diet.

One last thought before I post the pictures, Aaron would not have healed at the rate he did without his MAGNIFICENT brother Jory taking care of him. He waited on him hand and foot for a month. He made all his meals and cared for his burns. Aaron couldn’t walk for about 2 weeks but was able to walk again soon thereafter. I think I have decided to just show the worst burns and the healing that took place on those. Otherwise, it would take me the rest of my life to post all the pictures. Ok, now for the pictures.
This picture is the day after the incidence. Not so pretty, eh?
Here is the 4th day after. He decided to cut off the excess skin. He said it didn’t hurt. It actually was more uncomfortable to leave it on.
Here is 10 days after. You can see the white parts that are actually new cell growth. If he had gone to the emergency room, each time this white film developed on the burn site, they would have scraped it off. We saw the new cell growth as soon as 1 day after the incidence. It was SO COOL!!
This is only 2 weeks after the initial burn. Can you believe it? I sure couldn’t when I saw it. I was in AWE!!!
Here is 18 days after. Can you even tell he was burned there? Now it only looks like a mild flesh wound.
20 days after initial burn. I tried to download the 35 day after picture but it wouldn’t let me. OH well!! Now it is FULLY healed and all is well. He does have some mild discoloration in spots for a time but that should be gone soon also. His feeling is 100% in all the spots that were burned. Here is a few more pictures from another of the worst burns.
More burns day 1 on the other foot.
The 4th day after. Notice it is already trying to scab on the ends. How MAGNIFICENT are our little bodies?!!
10 days after. Notice the residue from the burn paste.
14 days after. 2 week!! Can you believe it?
20 days after!!

You know, Chris thought it was a bit crazy to try and experiment on Aaron’s feet. I think Chris has a pretty song testimony of alternative medicine but this was even a bit hard for him to believe. His testimony has now grown by leaps and bounds and he brags about how cool it is that Aaron was healed so quickly and effectively. The neatest part of the story though, is if you ask Aaron about his healing, he will thank God for he knows NONE of it would have taken place with his inspiration and LOVE involved.

Here is what I had today to eat.
Saturday, August 11th:
1 bunch of grapes
3 peaches
1/2 a falafal salad from Omar’s
1/2 a Raw Pasta from Omar’s

I would like to add here that Allred’s Orchard on University Ave. is now open selling SO YUMMY for my TUMMY peaches and fresh, raw apple juice. I went and bought 4 cases of peaches today. I am sure they will be gone in the next couple of days. YEAH for peach season!!

My son Dean, who in 2 months will have eaten an all raw diet for 1 year, decided he REALLY wanted to go to Omar’s. We went this afternoon and had A LOT of fun!! He loved it. He had been having some cravings lately and really needed some YUMMY raw foods. I could have made it for him but it probably wouldn’t have been as good as Omar’s. I don’t think it is a coincidence that both of us have been craving a lot more lately. I think we both have EXCITING issues wanting to be looked at. He is doing GREAT and looking at them and really understanding himself and life.

I think the heaviness was, once again, a bit much for me. It was DELICIOUS but I am finding, yes once again, (how many times do you think I have to replay something before I listen to myself) that I am really just enjoying eating my own food at home with my family. That making my light meals with little to no fat and properly food combined, is when I feel the BEST!!! It has taken me 5 years of eating raw foods to finally figure out that eating out isn’t really all I thought it was cracked up to be. I am TONS of emotional energy wrapped around eating out especially since so much energy has and had been wrapped up in the bonding that took place between my hubby and I every time we went out to eat. I know I still have stuff in there I am going to have to look at. But….I am quite grateful for what I have already looked at and moved through.

Oh, another BIG step for me this week was feeding my kids more of what they really wanted. MY kids will go over to the neighbor’s house for food and eat TOTAL and COMPLETE crap. Things like cereal, pizza, candy and so forth. I was feeling so sad that they were doing that I decided to, once again, revamp the ways I am feeding my kids. I am felt blessed lately to be able to work through my emotional issues with what my kids chose to eat. As I have done that, I am finding I am more detached, in a VERY loving way, and my strongest desire is to give them their free agency and learn from their own experiences.

This week I made a HUGE pot of beans. I must admit that I make EXCELLENT beans. It happens to be one of the only cooked foods I make so well. I was trying to figure out what I could do so that my kids would eat at home. I talked to them about what they wanted and we came up with some more things I could incorporate at home that would give the desire to eat here. Chris was in TOTAL shock when he saw me cooking white flour tortillas for my kids. I couldn’t believe it myself. Normally, I am SUCH a freak about what they eat and I really had NO emotion on it when I made it for them. They were SO happy and felt SO LOVED!! This in turn helped me feel happy that I felt blessed with some emotional healing. Along with the white flour tortillas, I have made LOTS of more cooked foods I normally wouldn’t make for my kids. They eat here for every meal now and think life is so much FUN!! I know, I am sure most of you have chose to learn this in an easier manner. I pray I won’t have to take the slow path on learning. That I can decide to switch my thinking, with the Lord’s help, and quickly and smoothly move to the place of peace that I am longing for.

I think I need to stop for now. I have a few more things I want to share but my neck is hurting and kids are hungry for potatoes, of all things!! I will, once again, (sorry I just have to keep saying that because I think it’s funny!! Hopefully you do too!!) try to post more often this week. Life is FULL of “once agains”. We just keep chuggin’ along doing our best!!

Abundant peace to you all,