I am a HUGE fan of raw foods and the raw foods diet.  I have been eating a raw foods diet for 10 years now.  I believe how we eat stimulates an life long imprinting on our unborn babies on how they will eat.  Raw foods, because of the high enzymatic factors, has effective bioavailable nutrients that are not as readily obtainable for the body once they’ve been cooked.

You can read more about my raw foods experience on my RAW FOODS page.  But today I really wanted to focus on my the importance of making the right raw food dietary choices while  pregnant.  Of course, for all of you who aren’t pregnant, this…most definitely….can apply to you as well.  Especially if you are in your childbearing years.  Making sure proper nutrient intake is taking place during those years ensures you and your babies to come a greater opportunities for lasting health benefits for life. 

I just recently posted  about my experiences during my 5 pregnancies and how my dietary choices made a HUGE difference in my comprehensive health and that of my babies.  You can still see, because of my dietary choices through each child’s pregnancy, their food imprinting and the current food choices my kids are making.  You can read that post HERE!

Below I have a posted a couple of videos from some of the raw food experts about what they believe to be some very needed high nutrient foods for pregnancy and your baby even after delivery.  The first is David Wolfe discussing what he believes are raw foods that babies need for great health.  I believe ingesting these foods while pregnant will be JUST as beneficial. 


In fact, I was thinking yesterday that if there was only ONE food I would NEVER give up, it would be my seaweed. I have eaten seaweed for years especially when I learned the benefits of seaweed for the thyroid gland.  Seaweeds are actually the EXACT foods that helped to heal me of my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  Seaweeds are your HIGHEST iodine foods.  Iodine just so happens to be the #1 nutrient that the thyroid needs for proper functioning.  Google seaweeds and thyroid function and you’ll find many websites which discuss the WONDERFUL health benefits of seaweeds. 


In my raw pregnancy I was eating many of the foods David talks about without watching this video.  I was just listening to my body and eating what tasted and sounded good to me.  If you strive to really listen to what your body tells you is right for you, and you have educated yourself on what deeply nutrients foods are, then you’ll be building a foundation for optimal health for you and your unborn baby. 

Here is David talking about phytoplankton and seaweeds and their deep mineral content to help keep growing babies growing properly.

Victoria Boutenko, the mother of Valya (the women in the video below), taught the very 1st raw food class I ever attended.  Her story and her experience of curing disease within herself and her family made a deep impression on me.  So much so that I almost immediately jumped into a raw foods diet.

Valya has eaten a raw foods diet since quite a young age and below she is telling her experiences.  Notice how healthy and vibrant she looks.  I think its easy to believe that a raw foods diet could not provide the full spectrum of health benefits.  Watching Valya and Sergei grow up these last 10 years has really embedded my belief of a raw foods diet as an option for preventing disease and living healthy.

Throughout all my posts, you will find a common theme on increased vitamin and mineral contents of organic foods.   Not only are organic foods higher in nutrients but they are also pesticide free.  Just a few days ago, my sister and I bought organic spinach from Costco.  Chris (my husband) and I had been recently discussing if larger organic companies were really providing a pesticide free products since there are some pesticides you can use and still call your product organic. 

As Kim (my sister) and I were checking out with our organic spinach in hand, Kim looked down at the spinach to find some large strange looking flying bug sitting at the top of our spinach inside the container.  She was somewhat grossed out and I was jumping up and down!  I was SO EXCITED to find out that a bug could survive in the container which means there were not pesticides being used.

Below Gabriel Cousens is talking about the need for organic foods.  Local, organic foods are optimal since they will have higher nutrient content.  The longer foods sit, the more nutrient loss. 

As you question what foods are right for you and your baby, I hope that you check into the health benefits of raw foods.  Incorporating more raw foods in the form of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds….will greatly increase your vitality and the vitality of your unborn baby.

In Peace,