My post today goes out to my AMAZINGLY SUPPORTIVE husband, Chris!  I watched the below video on breastfeeding and just felt this sense of adoration and appreciation for him and ALL he is for me and our children.

Minutes after Mabel was born

 I remember 16 years ago now when I came to him telling him that I thought I would want a home birth.  His response, at the time, seemed so natural and proper.  He simply stated that I could birth our baby however I felt most comfortable.  He told me that he felt his role was to SUPPORT what ever I wanted and educate himself on how BEST he could serve me in our pregnancy and life after our baby was born.

This included BREASTFEEDING.  I was a typical first time Mom when it came to breastfeeding.  Though it felt WONDERFULLY connective and broke open EVERY nurturing, LOVING bone in my body,  breastfeeding still came with its struggles.

There were times when I felt so OVERWHELMED by being a first time mother and remembering how to care for another life, that Chris’ gentle reminders of why I was doing it was like music to my ears when I most needed reassurance.  He would most tenderly let me know how PROUD he was of me and the care and time I took with each of our children.

When Mabel, our last, was born, I entered baby land again after 6 years.  It was a stretch for me to open myself again to caring for a newborn and really pausing my life.  My previous 4 children had taught me that time spent, especially when 1st arriving earthside, was the GREATEST gift I could give either of us.  Mabel was a high touch, high need baby.   Though I enjoyed EVERY moment of our connection, the emotions of  entering new motherland came creeping in most days.

Chris worked a full time job and was very busy each and every day.  BUT….daily phone calls filled with uplifting and inspirational words helped to remind me of what I was doing and, more importantly…WHY I was doing it.  He reminded me of the small window of time I have with Mabel at such a fragile and vulnerable state.

He nudged me in such a way that after we talked, I always felt like WONDER WOMAN!  I was doing things that seemed hard on some days but was forging a bond and future relationship of LOVE and TRUST for both of us. 

My husband, MOST DEFINITELY, is not perfect.  He has many weaknesses as we all do.  Our husband don’t have to be perfect to support and encourage us in caring for our babies and children the healthiest way possible.  It really even only takes a few kind words in a moment of frustration to help affirm what, we as hippie/crunchy mamas, are really gifting to each and every one of the new little human beings entering our planet.

So here’s my SHOUT OUT to all you crunchy/hippie daddy’s who like to think your not really as crunchy and hippie as you really are.  THANK YOU for being YOU!  Thank you for loving and respecting us women enough to support and encourage our CRAZY decisions to step outside of the “NORMAL” box and let us mother the way we feel INSPIRED to do so.  The truth is….we couldn’t do it NOR would we want to do it WITHOUT you and your KIND words, SOFT touch and giving heart.

All be told,  with everything my husband has been, as my husband and lover and father to our 5 children,  my words of appreciation really aren’t enough.   Just know….we as loving wives and mothers…see what you do for us day in and day out…and feel BLESSED that such men are here and available to take on the responsibility of father/partner/care provider.

Please all you women out there….Let your husband’s know how MUCH you LOVE them.  Don’t wait till Father’s Day to show it.  Show it EACH and everyday.  I promise YOU will be HAPPIER and more CONTENT than EVER before.  Plus, the LOVE your showing your lover may actually end up in the bedroom where REAL fireworks happen.  🙂

In Peace,