I received this in my email this morning. You have got to be kidding me! Someone tell me what has happened to COMPLETELY understanding the concept of the importance of nursing? Especially when it comes to hospital protocol of premature babies. I recognize that all hospitals are not the same but SHEESH!!

HERE is the link to watch the video. So, we have a situation where milk based formula is killing premature babies because of a certain bacteria that eats away at body tissues. Can you believe this? It seems that one of the cases, the mother was offering that her breastmilk to be fed to her infant but because of hospital protocol, they fed the baby milk based infant formula without the mother even knowing.
Let’s see….hospital protocol. WOW! What a WONDERFUL thing! It’s there to protect us from each other and ourselves, right? HOLY COW! I feel so frustrated with how many woman I have spoke with who express there negative outcomes in regards to their births all because of hospital protocol. I will ask them, “So, why did the doctor or hospital do that?” Their response, “I don’t know….I guess it was hospital protocol.” Guaranteed it was! I had a situation where I attended one of my sister’s births. After the delivery, the nurse took her daughter over to the warmer and left her there, naked and shivering, while she went on to attend to other things. I asked the nurse if I could swaddle my niece and pick her up so she could calm down and really get warm. She stated to me that I could not. When I questioned her as to why not, in a VERY irritated tone, she went on to say that she needed to stay on the warmer until her body temperature reached a certain level. She said it was HOSPITAL PROTOCOL! Ok, is it just me but is there logic in this thinking? I’ll give them a little credit, maybe some. The warmer was warm but the hospital room was FREEZING, as they always seem to be and I have a hard time truly believing that my niece’s body temperature would reach the needed levels for her to then be wrapped and given to her mom. Well, to say the least, I finally just wrapped her in a warm blanket and proceeded to pick her up. As you all already know, the minute I did so, she immediately stopped crying and relaxed.
My thinking then is what devastation are we placing in the emotional lives of so many laboring woman and dear sweet BABIES just so we can follow hospital protocol? And so often….when the mothers questions the illogical ideology of the protocol, doctors and nurses tend to show obvious irritation. I guess because they feel they know best and ALL of US should just comply with their requests. If we don’t comply, then sure enough they will then move on to fear tactics to induce the change they are looking for.
Now understand please, I am not saying this is ALWAYS the case. There are some VERY good doctors/nurses out there who do their best to strive to really listen to their patients and fulfill what they feel would be the most helpful for their particular situation. I am wondering how we got to a place where we truly believe that someone knows us better than we know ourselves. Similar to the video yesterday, the one hospital ruled out doulas at their hospital for fear they would speak up against hospital protocol. HEAVEN FORBID!
Can we all think about free agency? God’s rightly and divinely gifted blessing that let’s each of us learn from our own choices and really experience life in such a way that we can move forward in life the way we choose is best for us! But no….that is not to be it seems, in so many aspects of life, but DEFINITELY when you enter a hospital. Please know, that I am forever indebted to the men who aided in saving my life on, at least, 2 occasions. The way I see it, the hospital can and should truly be a place of healing and a teaching ground for giving people the opportunity to first and foremost, trust themselves and then pray that they doctors/nurses they’ve been given can also be trusted to do what is best for them. I wonder, how often do you think that a doctors choice of how to treat his/her patient is based in a place of fear? Do doctors choose to treat/act a certain way for fear of being sued? Do they constantly ask the liability question before asking what would really be BEST? I don’t know. I’m not a doctor and never plan to be one. I’m just, sort of, thinking out loud here. I really WONDER!
So…I ask the question, because the hospital has so much potential to really be a place where true healing and health does take place, can we, as a society, lessen our pride and really learn how to LISTEN to each other? Can we break down our own walls of “high mindedness” and belief that because we’ve educated ourselves or because someone has a certain education, we or they know best and we should just turn over our own beliefs and power to them? Or that someone should really listen to us and follow our counsel because we know what is truly best for them? COME ON! How do we really know? WE don’t know. We can’t know. And to be honest, we’ll NEVER know.
My belief is until we get to the place where we choose love and free agency WAY above and beyond our own pride or even deeper, what we believe to be our own KNOWING (because we have a certain education, credetinals, certification etc.), we will keep running in these same circles of feeling COMPLETELY dissatisfied with each other and even more often, with ourselves. We can’t in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM completely blame the doctors/nurses or whoever for the frustration we feel. Let us not forget, we gave over our power to them. We choose to let them tell us what is best for us and our baby. We choose to believe that they always know better than our inner knowing. We choose to believe that they have the power of God and can with the lifting of a knife, save us or our babies. We choose to believe that all will be safe and well when we enter a hospital and that any risks will be circumvented because of their knowledge and education.
So…I could sit here and could rant even more about the medical system but I’ve choose not to! They are not the problem, we are. We, especially as pregnant woman, choose to tap into our own fears of pregnancy and childbirth and turn our own inate wisdom over to someone else, and then blame them for the outcome we did not like. That’s how I see it anyway. Does that mean when we enter a hospital we need to be non compliant or even angry or mean? Heaven’s NO! The way I see it, that means if we feel we need the assistance of what the hospital has to offer, we enter it full well knowing of what might or could take place and in a VERY LOVING way, stand UP for what we believe in. We enter retaining our personal dignity and power by having taken the time to educate ourselves on what the process of pregnancy and birth or even whatever it is we are needing to enter the hospital for. We stand firm but kind, in our resolve to listen to ourselves and our HIGHER POWER! Whatever or whoever that is for you!
My belief is once we can all get to a space where we have worked out our fears, when we enter a space of control we can still receive what we need in a loving, gentle way because we keep our hearts pure by standing up for ourselves. Our perception changes and what we receive then is SO MUCH BETTER than what we ever thought we could. That’s what happens when we honor that place inside of us that truly and deeply knows what would create the ULTIMATE outcome for happiness for us! What would happen if we all did that? What would happen if we all turned our hearts and searched for our inner peace? What would happen if we each decided HERE and NOW to take our own inner knowing BACK and really LISTEN to it instead of all the outside voices that we think know more?
I throw out to each of you to really think about this concept and if it rings true to you, then RIGHT NOW at this moment….APPLY IT! Search for understanding of how and in what ways you can really do that. I know I am. I know I am one PRIDEFUL woman who so many times in my life thinks I know what is best for someone else. But…I really don’t. I REALLY DON’T! I can only listen to what my heart is teaching me and then share that with others and if it something they are also meant to apply and learn, then SO BE IT! We can then grow and learn together how to keep listening to our hearts and our heads and not someone else’s mouth.
Ok….I think I’m done now. Maybe I will have more tomorrow. There is a SLC Tribune article I may want to discuss soon. We’ll see. I hope my words come through clearly. Let’s look at our own selves if we want to see change in the world around us. That is the ONLY way it will happen. In my humble opinion anyway. LOL!!
Abundant peace to all,