Last night was VERY exciting at the Talley home.  My mother in law (Louise) decided, yet again, that she needed to pull weeds and water our front garden area.  In the process of doing so, she slipped on a step, fell backwards hard onto the cement below and proceeded to yell out in excruciating pain.  We ran out to her only to find that her pain was severe enough that we couldn’t move her. 

I called 911 and requested an ambulance.  They arrived shortly thereafter and took about a half an hour or more to reposition Louise, administer morphine, strap her down to the hard plastic board and then lift and get her in the ambulance.  In the video below, you’ll see Chris describing what happened and showing exactly where she fell.

Once at the hospital, they did x-rays only to find that she did, in fact, crack her hip bone.  She is going in for surgery today and will, most likely, end up with a prosthetic hip.  She’s a trooper and it was OBVIOUS that she was in large amounts of pain which was alleviated with the help of the paramedics.

I only post this today to make a point.  I am NOT a fan of medical practices in normal, healthy, low risk women when it comes to birth. Nor am I a fan of medical interventions when it comes to basic, overall health and well being of the human system as a whole. Because I feel so passionate about medical routines and protocols being questioned in regards to birth and because I use alternative therapies and methods for healing my family,  I have found that others believe I am somehow against medical care in any format.  This is ABSOLUTELY false.

The medical profession, along with very gifted doctors and nurses, have saved my life on more than one occasion.  I would not be here without their help, assistance, care and compassion.  I absolutely feel that the advances we have made in the realm of modern technology are PHENOMENAL!  And truly a blessing for human kind.

What I am finding though is a polarity between the medical and alternative professions.  In my opinion,  alternative health care and medical health care truly are 2 separate entities.  There are MANY aspects where medical care is out of control, controlling, extreme, unnecessary, and even sometimes….down right hurtful and abusive.

But on the other end of the spectrum is alternative methods of healing that are also extreme, and though I adore alternative methods for healing, that it is not always the answer.  Alternative therapies can have their limitations even though, in the grand scheme, when it comes to the day in, day out illness, sickness and disease….alternative therapies greatly exceeds the medical advances for healing.

Now where the medical profession really makes HUGE differences and positive changes, as I see it, is in acute care.  Like what happened to Louise last night.  The ambulance showed up, completely took care of her, helped to stabilize and comfort her and now are helping to fix aspects of her physical self that might not ever heal on their own.  Or if they do heal….they could potentially heal in a damaged state.

Because I see birth as a normal bodily, physiological function….along with the majority of births in our country,  the medical profession really has no business messing with the process of birth like they do.  When it comes to high risk women, who carry complications and problems during pregnancy and birth, THANK GOD for the medical advances that can save the life of Mom and baby.

For whatever reason, we have decided to hold onto the idea that if some Moms and babies need help, then we should go ahead and make that ALL women DO need medical help in their pregnancy and birth.  I disagree with the notion.  In fact, I’ll go so far to say that many of the routine hospital protocols performed on Moms and babies are intrusive, ineffective, emotionally traumatic, and psychologically damaging.

My hope and prayer is that we can create a team between alternative therapies and medical therapies.  That we can acknowledge each others strengths and weaknesses in our personal fields and be open and even accepting of each others ideas.  If there is a better way for Moms, Dads, families and communities to gain greater health and well being, why aren’t all of us looking into what modalities can put into full practice for that to take place?

I believe its time to move past the pride, past the ignorance of one another’s beliefs and ideals, and open our hearts to each other.  Its time to deeply listen to the insights of ANYONE working in the health care world, in any regard, and truly be receptive to what is being said….by BOTH sides.  Its time that if there is a healthier, happier and more peaceful way to live….that we all…TOGETHER, work toward the creation of this by setting aside our prejudice, our labels, our diagnoses and our blames.  Its time that we ALL join hands and strive to move forward with one goal in mind….a more PEACEFUL, LOVING, COMPASSIONATE world to live in.

How grateful I am for ALL the alternative therapies that have helped to heal me and my family.  How grateful I am and forever will be for ALL the medical advances, along with the doctors, nurses and medical staff,  that helped to save my life and care for me and my well being.  How grateful I am that I get to intuitively decide which path is right for me at any given moment.  How grateful I am that I get to respect and honor others choices for their own personal health care!

In Peace,
This is soon after the paramedics  arrived. They are putting her on the stretcher.
The ambulance with all the bells and whistles in our little tiny cul-de-sac.
The HUMONGOUS fire truck! Oh and our dirty windows…LOL!