This was an emotionally hard and crazy week. Now I don’t even have time to post a ton. I am still feeling so much better and LOVING it!! I have been homeschooling and driving my kids here and there all week.

I am posting one of my new favorite songs. Chris showed me this video a few weeks ago. Listen to the words! It is so BEAUTIFULLY written. It speaks volumes to me about my life.

I am still planning on going to the Birth Into Being conference in California on March 25th-26th. This is the last time I will post this that I am looking for others who would like to come along. It will be REALLY FUN!! I can’t wait to go and my sister in law is WAY excited too! Come on ladies! I hope others will hurry and respond and really get themselves prepared.

So….I thought I would share one of my favorite foods that I ate recently. I only ate it once but I am sure there are others out there who are looking for healthier food options. Remember how I was talking about my raw pesto I made. SO YUMMY!! Well, I took some collard greens and cut them into long strips so they were pasta like. Then I took and spiralized some zucchini so it was also pasta like. Then I added some pico de gallo, red bell peppers and fresh baby greens. I cut everything small enough except the collards and zucchini so that it would mix together nicely. Next, I took a sprouted wheat tortilla and some pizza sauce. I spread the pizza sauce all along the tortilla and place it on a skillet on the stove. I added the salad mixture to that and folded the tortilla in half, letting it heat up just enough to keep it’s shape. This is my FAVORITE food I have eaten in awhile. I hope others make it and enjoy it as much as I did.

I think I am 16-17 weeks or something. I figure I have gained about 5-8 lbs. I am hoping to only gain 20 lbs. or less through this pregnancy. I am open to letting my body do what it needs to so that I and our baby can be healthy and strong. I have been so HAPPY that I have felt good enough to exercise now. I have noticed that since I have had such an energy boost, I sleep alot better when I exercise everyday. I just feel kind of BLAH when I don’t.

I am sorry I don’t have more interesting things to post. I am hoping to post again in a few days with some new news. Here is one last video to end my post. I thought this was BEAUTIFUL!! Watch her face and you can DEFINITELY tell when she is having a contraction.

Abundant peace,