I have always been fascinated with humpback whales. From what I read about them, they are AMAZING creatures. I received an email about a humpback whale being saved which is a GREAT article. It can be found HERE!! The article inspired me to do some research and learn more about humpback whales. I remember learning about them in the past but….I was once again reminded of what beautiful creatures they are.

Right now, I am actually listening to their songs which I found at The Whalesong Project Website. If you click the picture of the whale on their home page, you get 2 hours worth of their songs. I just LOVE them and think the are so melodic and relaxing. Also, they have a very informative FAQ’s page that I would recommend reading. Oh, and don’t forget all the really cool photos. They are MAGNIFICENT!!

It would be SO EXCITED for me to swim with humpback whales. I don’t know, I guess my little girl parts that has always thought they were such special creatures is still present!! This has been A LOT of fun for me. The other really neat part about sea water and animals is some educational info (which I am pretty sure I have posted before but I am going to post again) which states that the mineral content of seawater is almost exact same as our blood. How cool is that? Here is just a tidbit of that info for your reading pleasure.

That the mineral content of seawater is practically the same as blood is significant, and it is a fact, according to Dr Maynard Murray, that seawater contains all the trace minerals needed by humans. Dr Murray demonstrated forcefully that animals fed on his crops fertilized sparingly with diluted seawater exhibited superior growth and health compared to other animals. This is described in Dr Murray’s book Sea Energy Agriculture (see Chapter 8). Said Dr Murray:

“The disease resistance of plants and animals in the sea is remarkably different from disease resistance in land animals and comparisons between animals of the same or similar species are most interesting. For example, fresh-water trout all develop terminal cancer of the liver at the average age of 5-1/2 years; cancer has never been found in sea trout. It is also known that all land animals develop arterio sclerosis, yet sea animals have never been diagnosed as arteriosclerotic. Investigators have also established the startling absence of disease in the sea, citing not only the absence of ‘chronic’ disease forms, but especially the general vigorous health of sea animals that has apparently lengthened life many times in comparison to similar land species. These longevity differences are especially evident in such sea mammals as whales, seals and porpoises who have identical physiological systems with the majority of land animals important to man. And the major differences between sea and land life appear to be attributable to the superior food chain of the sea!”

Dr Murray’s many experiments with all kinds of crops and animals all showed dramatic benefits from sea minerals. For instance:

“Started feeding mice both experimental and control, food that was raised on the Ray Heine and Sons Farm. The experimental food had been raised on soil fertilized with 2200 pounds (per acre) complete sea solids. The control food was the same as the experimental with the exception that it was not fertilized with complete sea solids. The food consisted of a combination of one part soybean, two parts oats, four parts corn, balanced food proteins, carbohydrates and fats for mammals.

C3H mice were obtained for this feeding experiment. This strain of mice has been bred so all the females develop breast cancer which causes their demise. The mice were two months of age when received and started on the feeding experiments. The life expectancy of this strain for females is no more than nine months which included the production of two or three litters. The experimental and control groups both consisted of 200 C3H mice and those fed on control food were all dead within eight months seven days. The experimental mice that were fed food grown on the sea solids fertilized soil lived until they were sacrificed at 16 months; definitive examination revealed no cancerous tissue. The experimental group produced ten litters compared to the usual two to three litters and none developed breast cancer.

In the next experiments, twenty-four rabbits were obtained. Twelve were designated experimental and fed on food grown on sea solids while the remaining twelve were labelled control and fed accordingly. All of the rabbits were given a high cholesterol diet for six months which produces hardening of the arteries. The control group did develop hardening of the arteries and all had died within ten months. The experimental group did not exhibit hardening of the arteries.”

Another way people can obtain all the colloidal minerals they need is from fresh seawater taken about a teaspoon a day. Health from the Sea and Soil, by Charles B. Ahlson (Exposition Press, NY, 1962), described the remarkable health improvements by people with different ailments gained simply by taking fresh seawater. It is important that the seawater is fresh and unheated, because once heated the minerals lose their colloidal status necessary for the body to properly utilize them.

Fresh kelp and even dehydrated kelp is a good source of minerals from the sea and it is becoming common practice for farmers desiring the best crops while at the same time avoiding poisonous spraying to fertilize them with fertilizers derived from sea kelp.

And finally, on the subject of seawater minerals is a recent item from the Queensland Fruit and Vegetable News:

“There may be hope for Australian deserts if recent Israeli research is any indication.

Today thirsty plants are not only drinking but thriving on seawater at an experimental farm near the town of Ashkelon on the Mediterranean Sea.

Dr Dov Pasternak from the Boyko Institute at Ben Gurion University, is overseeing the project which is studying 150 species of plants irrigated by sea water.

The research into seawater for irrigation is directly related to the successful efforts of Dr Samuel Mendlinger, also from the Boyko Institute, to produce a special strain of sweet, high quality autumn melon grown on brackish water using drip and sprinkler irrigation.

Among other fruits and vegetables being successfully irrigated by saline water from underground aquifers are asparagus, broccoli, sorghum, olives, peas, and pomegranates.

Agricultural production in 14 southern Israel settlements is now based on underground saline water, and instead of costly desalination Israelis are taking advantage of Nature’s abundance, learning to harness sea and sub-soil water to grow crops.”

Oh, you guys, the books that I recently posted on the side bar of my blog page are AWESOME!! They are even more than awesome. They are eye opening and inspiring. I loved them both but my favorite was “The Hummingbird’s Daughter.” For you idealists out there, READ IT!! The main character in the book, Theresita, is a REAL person. Luis Alberto Urrea, the writer and descendant of Theresita, has an intriguing article on his site discussing a bit about her life. That will give you an idea of what the book is about. But then…..I just recently found a COOL article that was written at the time that she was arrested. Read it and you will understand that she was a real person with gifts given to her from God. This book changed my life. I can’t go on enough about it. Go out and buy it yesterday.

Now to the diet. My yeast infection is pretty much gone. Oh, but I had another great learning experience last night. Chris and I went out to eat at Tucano’s. I ate just some salad and steamed veggies. Well, the salad I got, I am sure, had TONS of fat and I think might of even had cream. (even though I didn’t realize it til later) But….soon after eating, I had extremely loose bowels and my intestines were being really weird. I didn’t have pain or cramping but I could just tell things were NOT moving the way I would like them too!! I am wondering if it might have even been the whole salad bar thing and food just sitting out for a long period of time. Anyway, I won’t be doing that again.

When I first went back to eating some cooked, I was pretty mild in the beginning. I normally stay away from grains because I DO NOT like the way I feel eating them. Then I started eating some more processed things just periodically. Oh, like bread. I am NOT a bread fan. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the taste and texture but my body DOES NOT like it. Twice I ate some bread. Big shocker, the bread was the physical manifestation of the yeast infection. It was 2 days later that I got one. So….I must say the infection has been a blessing.

I have gone back to eating mostly raw almost all of the time. It has been years though since I have done any gourmet or even too heavily combined raw foods. I have really never been able to feel good eating that way. I have found, like I have already stated, that I actually do better with lightly steamed veggies than any of the heavily combined high fat, high sugar raw food dishes. Oh, don’t miss understand me. I think they ROCK and are usually AMAZINGLY delicious especially Omar’s dishes or even Sage’s raw dishes. I had my day believing I could eat them and still feel good and have everything function great but soon learned that, for me, that wasn’t the case. The less food combining and the more plain and simple my food is the better I feel.

The really FUN thing I have been doing lately is reading over an SO AMAZING website that has TONS of the works and writings of Mahatma Gandhi.

There is a BEAUTIFUL article written about health and diet that teaches is beliefs on the subject. I was reading over it last night. I had read it before but wanted to read it again and get a better feel for it. I was reading over the food section of the article and was, once again, in awe of his light and wisdom. I don’t know if I ever mentioned but one of the first books I read that lead me to a path of living a higher vibrational life was his book “Gandhi, An Autobiography.” If you haven’t read it, another masterpiece of sheer bliss. This is a book I will read over and over. Such excitement and LOVE!!!

Ok, now to what I have been eating. Well, I already mentioned what I ate last night. But…for breakfast and lunch I just had my usual of green drink and grapes. That’s basically what I have been eating all day until dinner, as of late. You will find that I stay on the same diet for a short period of time until I try something new and then move on. But….as I have stated in the past my diet is pretty BORING!!

Here is what I ate today:
October 27th:
1+ quart of water
1 cup OJ mixed with green powder and fungal herbs
a few grapes
1 1/2 quarts green smoothie
more grapes
more OJ with green powder and fungal herbs
steamed green beans with salt and nutritional yeast
1 lb. romaine lettuce with smoked dulse seaweed and tomatoes with a green salsa wrapped in a corn tortilla AWESOME!!
2 small chunks Xochi dark chocolate (it’s some multi level marketing thing and someone gifted me some chocolate pieces. They are YUMMY and supposed to be VERY healthy almost raw)

Man, now that I look at it, it seems that I ate TONS of food but it doesn’t seem like that much when I am eating in it. Oh, and I will take more green drink and herbs again later. There ya go on the food thing.

Lastly, I had a friend ask a question the other day about how she had been all raw the whole summer but as soon as it got cold she was craving EVERYTHING!!! She said she couldn’t stand it anymore and gave in. She asked why that was and what she could do about it. I mentioned that I believed it was a pretty strong universal pull at this time of year. That, especially in the United States, we are emotionally and physically preparing for the holidays. I believed that her own childlike parts, along with EVERYONE else’s who is also craving was making it quite hard for her to move past those cravings and overwhelming feelings. I could tell she didn’t want that to be the answer. She wanted me to tell her some quick fix where all cravings and emotional desires for food all of a sudden disappear. So sorry!! I wish I did have the magic pill but I don’t. Sometimes just incorporating some lightly steamed veggies or even sprouted corn tortillas go a LONG way when the winter holiday months “come to town”
so to speak. But….I think as we all strive, as a whole people who are all really connected and one, to move to a space of healthier eating…..we can then move past holiday cravings a bit easier. Not that we can’t do it even without the change of others but I believe it will be TONS easier when we are all making more of an effort to be physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy and strong. I think the personal strides we each make to love ourselves a bit more than gives someone else the space and ability to do the same for themselves. We are all ONE BIG HAPPY family!! That is just such a neat feeling for me. I LOVE IT!!

I am finally done for today. I have done good with the posting so far, eh? God bless you all.

Abundant peace,