Today I decided to drink only juice. This isn’t foreign for me since I love it and I have done several juice fasts in the past. The longest juice fast I have ever accomplished was a week long orange juice fast. I LOVED it and felt great when I was done. Here is what I drank today:

1 quart of prune water which is the water from soaked prunes
1 1/4 quarts spinach/celery/apple/lemon juice
1 cup grapefruit juice with green powder
1 quart grapefruit juice
1 1/2 quart mixed greens/celery/cucumber/strawberry juice
1 1/2 quarts grapefruit juice with green powder

So…let’s see. That is about a gallon and a half. Right? WOW! It seemed like I drank much more than that. Today wasn’t too hard until this evening when I had to make food for my family. It still wasn’t too bad at that point, it just was the first time I had any desire to really eat before then.

I feel really good and had energy most of the day. I did feel a bit tired in the late afternoon but just relaxed for a few minutes and then I felt better. I am now VERY tired though. I am ready to go to bed. I found I was emotionally stable for the day. I enjoyed this side effect immensely. Physically, I spent a good amount of time in the bathroom which I LOVE! I really enjoy the light feeling you get when you are “cleaning house”, so to speak.

The interesting thing about today is about a year ago I swore off all supplements for awhile just to see how I felt while trying to transition to a less fat, no salt diet. There is a green powder I used to drink. I don’t see it as a supplement but today I decided to pull it out and start taking it again. I took it for several years when I first went raw. I was consistent with taking it up until last year. I enjoyed taking it again and will probably incorporate while I am doing my little drinking stint.

I am still vacillating on how long to stay on the juice and when to start incorporating smoothies and such. I really agree with Victoria Boutenko’s info in her “Green for Life” book. I like what Doug Graham has to say in his new “80/10/10 Diet” book. I do believe in a whole foods diet. With my bowel the way it has been in the past and the bowel being a muscle that I believe gets stronger with use, I am wondering about how long to juice fast. Of course, I do agree that the more we ease digestion, the efficiency of healing and health is quickened. Chris is somewhat concerned about how long I should stay on just juice but I will listen to my inner knowing. Who knows? Maybe I will do juice in the mornings and then smoothies and soups the rest of the day. That sounds like SO MUCH fun to me too! But either way, I hope others are interested enough that I will post everyday what I eat. I am wondering if it might get boring because I do eat alot of the same things over and over. If I do incorporate the smoothies, then my plan is to definitely do this until the day I finally get my teeth in. So…I figure that will somewhere between 6 to 8 months.

I was talking to a friend tonight and mentioned the dietary changes I am making. I was telling her that I was hoping others would want to do some cleansing and rebuilding along with me. She stated that she didn’t think she could do it as long as I was. I want to clarify that when I ask for anyone else to jump in, I mean just plan a cleanse similar to mine and decide what you can handle and then go from there. Even if someone ends up doing only a couple day juice fast or a week of green smoothies or whatever, they will want to be a part of it with me and feel better as a result. So…until tomorrow.

Peace and love to you all,