I am really excited to say that a few people have contacted me to tell me they enjoy reading my blog!! And then, there was an email sent to my Yahoo Group by Karen who stated that she had been inspired BY MY BLOG to make some needed dietary changes!! YOO!! HOO!!! You guys, I want to shout for joy that people are making needed transitions and KNOW they CAN do it!! WAY TO GO, everyone! And THANK YOU so much for taking the time to let me know how you feel about it!! It means the world to me to be able to connect with others and help in anyway I can. I know if I can help only ONE person, I am helping to change MILLIONS!! What a MIRACLE to us all!!

Yesterday was a relaxing day for me. I got to read some of “The Righteous Branch”, a book I am enjoying IMMENSELY right now. It speaks of so many STUNNING truths. For the last 3 to 4 years, Chris and I have been drawn to many of the Native American ideas of life and living. When we first started on the path of learning of their ways, we instantly felt the spirituality that resides with bounteous teaching they hold. Because of our lack of understanding, our pride and ego, we tore them from their lands and their traditions. I have a friend who believes that woman and men both have 1 core element inside of them, that when taken away leaves them lost within their own minds and hearts. For woman, it is childbirth and for men, it is culture or tradition. I believe this is DECIDEDLY true!! I have seen what it can do to a woman to think she cannot bring child into this world. It can devestate them to no end! I see men, in our current society, and they seem obscured to the world around them and what spirituality and connection with God really means. The connection to Source, Mother Earth, angels, goddess, and so on seems hidden to so many.

When we found this path, I watched in wonderment as my husband started to find himself. There was this hidden side of him which I had NEVER seen before. His previous disconnect to all things spiritual revived and awakened. I cannot deny the need for men to live within a culture where their place and path is cemented in their longing to stand as a WARRIOR and LEADER!! This does in no way connotate that men are above woman in anyway. On the Red Path, men and woman move together striving to understand and support each other a in their sexuality as human beings. That through childbirth for woman, and culture and tradition for men, we can face the world of fears and uncertainty while cleaving to each other and the Creator for support and strength. This is just how I see it. If I cannot even stand in union with my spouse and love him in his movement toward understanding himself, I will NEVER fully understand me and my personal path. As we both look to each other to aid in our understanding of who we really are, we can then look upward at a God and Elder Brother, hand in hand, knowing that the answers will come. So… there ya have my insights for today. I am grateful for them. The more I appreciate, honor, and accept him and vice versa, the closer we become to each other, along with hearing and heeding the voices that teach us the truths that bring each of us peace. And WOW!! I figure if I can do that with my spouse, I would hope and pray that I could do it with ALL species that are present with me on this Earth. Am I going on to much about peace? Maybe I should find a new topic. I am just LOVING the learning right now and hope others find this interesing too!!

Ok, let’s move on to the physical stuff now. I must say, I have been feeling GREAT since making these diet changes. I have noticed I have been sleeping longer than normal, oh about, 8-9 hours a night. I can tell I am doing some thyroid cleansing which I am OVERJOYED about!! I have bouts where I feel really cold and tired for a few hours and then it instantly stops and I feel great again. And even the cold and tired thing isn’t as bad as it was years ago when I was actually on medication and overweight. It doesn’t even compare to the physical reactions I was having then. When I am feeling cold and tired, I LOVED how I am learning more and more to listen to my body. I lay down or sun bath and let my eyes and body rest. Yesterday, I felt a bit tired and I layed down and closed my eyes for only 10 minutes but I was AMAZED how refreshed and energetic I felt right after it. I think I may incorporate this into my daily regime. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

I am LOVING my soups right now too!! I have eaten green soups off and on while on this raw path but lately they have been tasting SO GOOD!! I LOVE the seaweeds I put into them. I purchase my seaweed from the Maine Coast Sea Vegetables. They have THE BEST seaweeds I have ever tasted. They go to great lengths to offer the healthiest, best tasting, and HIGHEST quality seaweeds I have found yet. My favorite is the Applewood Smoked Dulse. It is still consider a raw food since it is smoked at very low temperatures. I also LOVE the Sea Lettuce Leaf and just the plain Dulse. I buy them all in bulk because they are a daily addition in my diet. For awhile, I was eating TONS of dulse on everyday. I could tell my body was REALLY wanting all the minerals it provides. It is rich in B vitamins and other needed trace minerals. Read all abou it HERE!

I still have eaten no fat or salt. It is kinda funny though because I did notice a stange reation twice now since doing this. My son had made himself some peas and without realizing he had put salt on them, I ate maybe a 1/4 of a cup. I sensed within, oh about a 1/2 an hour, my hands felt dry and kinda puffy. It’s like the way you feel when you have been in the heat too long and haven’t had enough to drink. Isn’t that strange? I have done it twice now and have had the same reaction. I don’t like the feeling ONE BIT!! I have really craved salt but if I do, then I will just remember this reaction.

So….here is the list of foods I ate yesterday and so far today.
Yesterday, May 23rd:
1 quart +2 cups grapefruit juice with green powder
1 quart green smoothie which was spinach/bananas/strawberries
2 quarts smoothie which was bananas/strawberries
1 quart +2 cups green soup of mixed baby greens/celery/red bell pepper/dulse & sea lettuce/peas/grapefruit juice
3 whole grapefruits

Today May 24th what I have eaten so far which isn’t much:
I have had a busier day today but I will probably end up eating similar to yesterday.
4 cups chopped watermelon
1 quart grapefruit juice with green powder
2 bananas

I know I haven’t felt as hungry today. I think it is the thyroid thing kicking in!! Which I am SO excited about. I have been cold and a bit fatiqued! But I must say, that this is the first week in a VERY long time that I haven’t worked out everyday. This is probably adding to my “issues.” I am not surprised I don’t feel as hungry as the body is cleansing. I am listening and will let you know if I even eat anything else today. I have been VERY thirsty though and I am drinking more water than I normally do. I drink, AT LEAST, a half a gallon a day. I can tell I will probably get a gallon in today. Another cleansing reactions has been sweating off and on more than normal. I am glad to see my sweat glands are working well when I am releasing!! I LOVE my body and how MAGNIFICENT it is !!

Oh, one last thought. The other sensations I have been recieving while doing this is ever so slight kidney discomfort. My kidneys have ALOT to release and so again I am EXCITED about that!! Until next time!!
Peace and health to all,