Today I am feeling overwhelmed. Not for any particular reason, I just feel sad. Since we have found out about the pregnancy, I have cried pretty much every day. There are MANY reasons why I might be crying but I am feeling that none of them are really justifiable ones. I was talking to a friend telling her that I have days when I want to blog and complain. That’s it!! Just talk about how crappy I am feeling or go on in my little drama land. I am realizing that this behavior doesn’t really serve me or anyone around me. It seems it has been so much harder for me to find that place of grace and gratitude. Part of me feels guilty that I feel this way and the other part says “screw it” what does good vibes and feelings really matter anyway. So…..then I put myself together and look at what might be going on honestly and sometimes it is quite painful but the end result is ALWAYS beneficial. Once I am in this space, I must admit, it becomes much easier to be grateful and in a place of peace.

A few days ago, I was craving some yummy raw dish, HARD CORE! I asked Chris to go by The Food Garden and see if there was anything that sounded good to me. When he got there he found some DELICIOUS green soup that Julia had made. OH MY GOODNESS, GUYS!! Go get some. It is so SCRUMPTIOUS! It fulfilled every desire I had for something raw. It was light with so many different tastes an spices. I LOVED the ginger in it! Then for dessert I had some of Raw Melissa‘s Tropical Ice Cream. That was AMAZING also! I just want to thank the girls at The Food Garden for the efforts they make to have raw dishes available for people like me who might be in need. You guys are AWESOME and you are doing a WONDERFUL thing for our community. All the woman who run the joint are good friends of mine who are strong, powerful, gifted woman. They are the BEST at what they do! THANK YOU!

You know me, I found some more really FUN videos. The first one is about conscious conception. It discusses some theories behind what takes place within our bodies with the creation of a child before the sperm even hits the egg. It is FASCINATING to me!! It is teaching the importance of taking care of ourselves in all aspects of life even BEFORE, months before, we even get pregnant!! I think all of you will enjoy it too!

Then I don’t know if any of you woman have ever heard a nurse or midwife comment about what station your baby is at when you are in labor. Have you ever wondered what that exactly means? The station of the baby during labor is where the babies head is located in position to the pelvis. When I first started apprenticing, this was a hard one for me to figure out. But once you recognize where the ischal spine is you know you are at 0 station and then you just register how much higher or lower the baby is in relation to that. It’s pretty cool stuff, well to me anyway. Hopefully the rest of you will at least find it somewhat entertaining.

Lastly, I just found a FUN one that shows the power of creation in utero. It’s just interesting and exciting to watch. Enjoy!!

I know the last couple posts I haven’t mentioned the food thing. Just thinking about food makes me feel nauseated so….to have to remember what I ate is REALLY hard for me right now. But….I will do my best to remember what I ate yesterday and hope that is enough for right now. I will try and post what I eat as much as I can because I have had some people email me and tell me they like that I do. I just hope you’ll be understanding if I don’t post it and know when I am feeling better, hopefully soon, I will probably be more on the ball with it.

Tuesday, November 27th:
1 quart water
1 1/2 quarts green smoothie
apple juice + green powder
several pieces of dried mango
2 pieces of tropical fruit leather
a vegan veggie burrito from El Azteca
1 quart Julia’s green soup
apple juice + green powder

Smells are about to do me in!! My nose is super powered and for any of you who have been nauseated while pregnant can understand, I am sure. Sometimes it feels like a cruel joke that is placed on pregnant woman so God can have a good laugh. I am kidding, of course, with that comment. A friend of mine mentioned that he believed that when we are pregnant we are smelling with our spiritual noses. Basically that means that because of the cleansing and rebuilding that is taking place during pregnancy, our sense of the world around us is heightened to a place that is actually as it should be. When we are not pregnant, our senses then have the ability to be dulled. I thought it was an interesting idea and just thought I would share it with y’all.

Well, until next time.
Abundant peace,