A 100% raw food diet is the best as long as daily meditation and education is taking place and the body is freely and simply moving into this space. I have seen people who, as time passes, have a harder time staying a 100% because they are lacking in those 2 desperately needed things. By educating and meditating, we are able to understand our bodies better and utilize our inner spiritual power to bring about success in the changes we feel we need to achieve. Understanding the way the body works and striving to listen to ourselves and inner knowing, we will then feel successful as a 100% raw or living foodist. In order to reach these goals, we must first understand that reaching this place goes much further than just food. Emotional and spiritual changes must also take place to stay on this path. Raising the vibration of one aspect of the body creates vibrational change within all aspects of the body. When the body takes on the healing process as a WHOLE, becoming a 100% raw foodist is then the most natural and smooth transition possible. Learning to take the needed time and by being gentle with ourselves, these changes will seem easy and fulfilling. We will then feel at peace with all our choices regarding our inner health.