Raising consciousness and thought levels of humanity through understanding what actually takes place in the womb is subject matter that is a HUGE passion of mine.  Women are the main creators of human kind that shapes and forms what our world will look like in the future.

Map painted on hands - concept of having the world in our hands

Map painted on hands - concept of having the world in our hands
 I have worked with women in some form or another for the past 16 years.  I have seen the struggle women have to move and shapes their lives in the way they want and need for their happiness.  We live in a world where we believe our happiness comes from some outside source but this is probably one of the BIGGEST lies we feed ourselves.  This lie is then passed from one generation to another which ends up making personal responsibility and personal growth quite difficult.  The difficulty lies in the woman’s ability to see her happiness and ALL humans happiness is an internal compass not an external one.

The NEW research and science that is being done by the APPPAH (Association for Perinatal Psychology and Health) is quite PHENOMENAL.  EPIGENETICS is a new form a science that is showing how diet, lifestyle choices, social interactions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, perspectives and beliefs really do shape our world while in utero.  Those belief patterns are then passed onto future generations.  I have written a few times on the subject.  Click the links below to understand more about what perinatal psychology is and how it NEEDS to be understood to help future generations…….Please watch the video below, which is actually quite funny, that explains the science behind epigenetics more clearly.  YOU CAN SHIFT AND CHANGE future generations in a WIDE variety of holistic way!


Below is an another video which discusses the emotional and psychological effects of “Womb To World.” How the effects of our choices BEFORE conception change future beliefs and actions. I believe it’s time for all of us of the human race to WAKE UP! To take control and responsibility for our lives to the extent that we stop the patterns of blame and projection.  We open ourselves to any and all healing the effects us in such ways that we DON’T pass our stuff to our children when, honestly, it’s NOT theirs to be burdened with in the first place.
It’s TIME!  It’s time to make the change.  It’s time to let go of the fears and old belief patterns and ideology that hold us back from really being the driver seat in our world and teaching our children to be the driver seat in theirs.  I will hear me say it over and over….. ‘BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN YOUR WORLD!”  That’s the ONLY way happiness and peace can infiltrate and take over our current world of war and heart ache.  Who’s with me?

In Peace,