A long time ago a friend mentioned to me her belief that a woman, whether she was 16 or 60, would never forget the birth of her children. When I heard it I realized that bringing another life into this world MUST be UNFORGETTABLE. When it was time for me to have children of my own, I understood the importance of the choices I was about to make. I felt I needed to guarantee that the experience I remembered would be one of peace and LOVE!

I come from a very large family and many of my sisters were having natural childbirth in the hospital. I had one sister tell me of her first birth, which was in the hospital and how she felt during and after the process. She went on to explain her birth experience with her next child, which was a homebirth. The stories could not have been more of a night and day difference. I realized that my choices could create a birth that I could remember with JOY!!

All four of my children have been born at home. Two of them were water births (which I absolutely LOVED)! I feel I have created a remembrance for myself of EXACTLY what I wanted in the birth of my children. By doing this, I have been empowered in so many other ways in my life. Granted, birth is not exactly how we plan. By understanding this and fully educating ourselves before and during pregnancy, we can except and find peace with whatever takes place. My wish for all woman is that they will understand the power within themselves to feel this JOY through taking control and having the BEAUTIFUL birth experience they have always wanted.

I am currently taking clients along with my partner, Alicia Waterlyn. Our services are unique in their approach. We regard all aspects of well being during pregnancy. We aid in caring for the physical as well as the emotional and spiritual. We believe that when a woman tends to and is aware of all of the changes that are taking place within her and sees to opening her heart and understanding these changes, phenomenal things can then begin to take shape in her pregnancy, birth and even life thereafter. What we offer will empower a mother with the belief that she, along with her loved ones, will create the pregnancy, labor and birth that she truly desires.