I am a huge proponent of complete undisturbed birth.  In leaving birth alone.  In stepping back and just letting and watching the process unfold.  In leaving the mother BE! In giving her the ability to trust her in systems and psyches own abilities to birth in utter bliss and trust the same in her baby.

I believe in Moms.  I believe in babies.  What I do not believe in is the systems or peoples that in any way tells a women how, when and where is best for her to birth her baby.  To think that we have any right to do so is ignorant and destructive in many forms.

A woman’s body is built to have a child. Babies bodies are built perfectly for birth. I know, we have all kinds of doctors and specialists stating that some women just CAN’T have babies via the vaginal route.  I don’t buy it.  I’ve seen too much.  I’ve seen tiny tiny women deliver large large babies.  It’s hard to even compute at moments when you see it but it happens.

Knowing that why are we ever thinking that disturbing or disrupting birth in any way can ever be good?  It can’t.  That’s the answer.  It’s that simple.  BIRTH IS SAFE!  INVENTION IS RISKY!! That’s the fact, folks.  Once, we tell a women what her birth should look like….or tell her that birth is a very scary experience…..or that she can’t or shouldn’t do it…..or that someone else knows better than her what her pregnancy and birth should look…..we COMPLETELY disempower women.  Not only that but we pass on that sense of disempowerment onto future generations through the imprinting that is now on the newborn.

We have taken the very sacred process of pregnancy and birth out of the hands of the responsible and VERY capable parties (Mothers) and put that process into hands that should not have taken on a responsibility EVER.  Teaching mothers to trust themselves and to trust the birth process is a opportunity like none other.  To watch a mother feel empowered and peaceful in her pregnancy and birth experience brings such hope for the whole of humanity.  It then teaches each infant that, they to, can trust themselves and their world around them….

Excellent article below.  Just on how to disturb birth and mess it up in every way possible.  Give it a read.

6 Ways to Make Child Birth Longer, More Difficult, and More Painful

“Here are top 6 ways to make birthing more difficult.  If you are accompanying a woman in a birth coming up be sure NOT to do these things.  If you are a pregnant woman make sure you don’t go to a place where these ways are the norm when assisting a birthing woman – unless you want a longer, more difficult and more painful birth:”
In Peace, Rachel