My dear sweet friend, DeLynn, emailed me the other day asking me if I knew what she did for a living, wondering if I knew she was a photographer. She stated that she had been reading my blog and noticed that people were asking for pictures of Mabel. She asked if she could come over and take pictures of her for FREE! OF COURSE SHE CAN!! So…on Halloween morning she showed up with all her gear and took some AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS pictures of Mabel. I’ve posted the one up top first because this is Chris’ and I favorite. Probably because up until the last couple of weeks, seeing her like this was a VERY common occurrence. Here are some more! I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do! Thank you, DeLynn. I LOVE YOU! Don’t fret, soon enough….you will be posting some of your own on your blog! Mabel was 4 months old on the 28th of October. She, well as of last week, weighed 10 1/2 lbs. She’s probably a bit closer to 11 lbs now. Still not as big as my sister, Amy’s, 11 lb. baby at birth. LOL!! She started rolling 5 days ago. She rolls all around back and forth across the room. She can pick up toys and play with them. Well….put them in and out of her mouth, right? She is the CUTEST thing. She has brought such JOY to all of us! Since she has been a bit more mobile, she has been SO MUCH HAPPIER! She loves to be put on the floor and look around and grab at stuff. The CUTEST thing she does though is when she’s tired on the floor, she just lays her head down and rests. Sometimes for 5+ minutes at a time. She looks just so content and serene.

My feelings were that she was having a hard time really wanting to incarnate into this LOVELY body of hers. I don’t blame her. Goodness….just feeling all the sensations and such of birth (not to mention just living the rest of life 🙂 would probably put any baby into a state of…..HOLY COW, do I really want to be here? So….as I stated, really up until the last few weeks, she had a hard time being really happy and feeling free. Chris and I have talked to her off and on about being ok about being here until Chris finally gave her a blessing and told her we loved her, we were here for her, and all would be ok. We told her we would teach her of her Savior and Heavenly Parents and all would be well and as it should be. It has seemed that literally just a week or so after that she has become a whole new baby. I LOVE IT! I can tell energetically that she is just so much more at peace with the world and her life here!! Oh….I think we had to process a bit about her birth too. You know, she was born with the cord around her neck and such. I think that makes it a bit more traumatic. We just kept reminding her that we REALLY, REALLY want her here and are so HAPPY she chose our home.

I must admit, I am getting more and more excited about doing this all over again. As I said before… was a bit hard at first. But now, I find it THRILLING to apply all the new insights and inspirations we have gleaned over the last couple of years, in regards to parenting and loving communication, especially. Chris has been WAY MORE involved than ever! It brings tears to my eyes to just sit back and watch him with her. She knows him so well too! I can tell her we’re gonna see Daddy and her eyes light up and she sings and coos to me! I feel so HAPPY!!

I am rereading “Nonviolent Communication” again. One of my favorite books. I really want to get his parenting book. I read this about 3 or so years ago and have applied some from the book but have forgotten so much too! Habitual behavior had snuck back in. I have found though that applying the teachings from that book along with group, energy work, sweat lodges, breath ceremonies and all the TOTALLY GROOVY, AWESOME emotional processing things we do lately… connection with all my family has become deeper and more bonded. I am sure it is because I am choosing to be ok with myself and the find gratitude in the world around me. Some days I am so good at that and others days I pray for it!! But….I think I have worked through some more energy over this weekend so today I am feeling PEACEFUL and ALIVE again.

I think that’s it for now. There is a so BEAUTIFUL quote I have been wanting to share so check back. It SO APPLIES to my life right now. I read it the other morning and had some new FUN epiphanies.

Abundant peace to all,

P.S. I’ll post more pics, wait did I already say that?…..ok….well, I will post more pics of Mabel soon!