I will go ahead and talk about the food thing to get it out of the way.

Today, May 31st:
Lots of watermelon
1 quart + 2 cups of banana/berry smoothies
2 pieces of durian
1 quart + 1 cup green soup The same one I have been making over the past couple of days.
1/2 of a medium honeydew
I have been LOVING durian lately. My son Dean has been all raw, by his choice, for about 8 months now. I remember when he first went raw he tried some durian and he didn’t really like it that much. Well, yesterday Dean saw me eating one and wanted to tried it. He LOVED it and like me, couldn’t get enough. Today we were both shedding tears over eating our last piece. We are sad to think we have to wait til tomorrow to be able to go and pick up more at The Asian Market. I will be there FIRST thing in the morning!
I want to share some of my insights into Christa’s birth. She was AMAZING during her pregnancy and birth. She ate an ALL RAW diet throughout her WHOLE pregnancy. That makes her WONDER WOMAN, in and of itself. Aside from an all raw diet, she took TOTAL and COMPLETE responsibility of her pregnancy and birth by educating herself on all topics that pertain to emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Also, she spent HOURS working herself through emotional issues of all kinds. She came to group every week and REALLY did her STUFF!
For those of you who don’t know, Christa’s due date was May 14th and she didn’t deliver until May 27. That made her 13 days overdue. As you can imagine, as soon as her due date hit, all the calls from family members and friends proceeded to pour in wondering if she had delivered or not. Christa had a hard time with this in the beginning but then turned to her own inner knowing and her Higher Power and found the needed faith to stay strong in her belief that her baby and body knew EXACTLY when her he was ready to come.
Oh, I also must mention that Christa felt VERY inspired to participate in a sweat lodge ceremony later in her pregnancy. She released and felt replenished emotionally and physically after. While in the lodge, there are 4 rounds. Before entering the lodge, she was not sure what sex her baby was. During the ceremony, she had some VERY strong inspiration that it was a boy. Her inspiration was SO strong that she proceeded to go ahead and make boy birth announcements. Talk about listening and holding faith in our personal inspiration. She was SURE she was having a boy at that point and she was right.
The day before she went into labor, we decided it would be a good idea if she came over to my house and just hung out. She asked if I would do energy work on Daniel (her baby) to see if there was any reason he wasn’t born yet. I LOVE doing energy work on babies. They are SO sweet and full of light and LOVE!! I could tell that he was a bit scared and I just sent him lots of peace and comfort that all would go well. She felt great after the work and felt it would help him feel safe enough to come into the world.
After the energy work, we decided that she should go home and draw a picture of her birth. Then when she was done, she would write in detail EXACTLY what she wanted for her birth. I dropped her home about 9 pm. Soon thereafter, she drew her picture and wrote her letter and decided to go to bed. Within minutes of finishing, she started contracting. She called me at 2 am to let me know her contractions were every ten minutes. She then called again at 4:30 am to tell me she wanted me there.
I arrived at 4:45 am to see her contracting BEAUTIFULLY! Once again, she was handing her pain SO well that I couldn’t tell how far along she might be. She was worried about me checking her for fear she wouldn’t be very far along. I decided to check her so we would know what to do about filling up the birth tub. When I checked she was 9 1/2 centimeters with a bulging bag. We hurried and filled up her bathtub and she delivered a GORGEOUS baby boy at 5:32 am. She was in SHOCK at how fast it all went. We all were.

Christa’s whole experience with this birth in comparison with her first son Evan were like night and day. Hopefully, she will write something up about it so I can post it for you all. She felt SO empowered as a woman and now feels she can do ANYTHING!! I am, as always, in AWE of her personal strength, power and overall conviction throughout the whole process. Thank you Christa for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow from you. I am blessed by the LOVE you send my way and to all about you! More soon!
Abundant peace to all,