Oh my goodness…..complete nausea has kicked in. I wake up all through the night with urges to vomit. Thankfully after a few deep breaths the urge subsides a bit until the next wave comes. Since it has been almost 6 years since the last time I felt this way, I am a bit OVERWHELMED by it. At least with my other 4 children, I felt it every couple of years. Pratt, my youngest, will be just turning 6 by the time I deliver this baby. I can’t believe how huge a gap that is.

I just had a friend email me who made a comment about how if I still nauseated during this pregnancy than I probably had more detoxing to do. You know, she is right on!!! But…..not from a physical stand point. I believe it is more emotional/energetic. I first must say that even though I do feel pretty gross, it isn’t near what I felt in my previous pregnancies. I am still semi functionable now which in the past I was down and out for months. I watched A LOT of movies and took many naps. Today I actually got up and got dressed. I even did my hair and put some mascara on. That’s doing pretty good, in my mind, comparatively speaking.

When I wake in the early morning hours with nausea, I lay there and do some really deep breathing while praying and saying some LOVING affirmations to myself. This helps IMMENSELY. I couldn’t believe how much it helped this morning. It wasn’t like my nausea disappeared but….I received some relief almost immediately. Then when the relief comes, I just strive to keep my heart in a place of gratitude that I even felt the tiniest amount!!

I have found that actually staying grateful throughout the whole day helps the MOST!! Every time I can get something done or even feel good for even a moment, my heart sings songs of thankfulness for that moment of reprieve. I am telling you…..one thing I have REALLY noticed is just how humble I feel. When you feel so gross on a consistent basis, it puts into this world of really having to turn your heart to God and your Savior. In the past, I felt I was praying all day long but now I realize how much more I could have been praying because now I am doing it.

I have found a new LOVE for my Heavenly Mother. I have felt her close to me for years but over this past year….I have needed the connection and teaching of a angelic being who has been though all I am going through. I just feel SOOOOOOOO blessed that I have someone to talk to who completely understands my pain and sorrow. I am thankful for a Savior who already atoned for my pain so as I stay humble and soft hearted and especially GRATEFUL, I can easily and effectively turn my sorrows and woes to Him and he will LOVINGLY and GRACIOUSLY take them. With where I am at on my path at this time in my life, this speak volumes and volumes of LOVE and COMPASSION to my heart and soul. I DESPERATELY need it!!

From a physical stand point, I have found a couple of things that are helping with my nausea that I thought I would share. First, I am drinking green smoothies almost all day long. I find that keeping something in my stomach helps TONS!! And just sipping on green smoothies takes the edge off where I feel I can deal with life. So nice!!!

Also, I don’t know if any of you remember when I was a kombucha freak but…..I remembered telling my clients to drink it to help with their nausea. Many of them stated that it helped. I haven’t drank it in a good couple of years. So last night I was in Good Earth and grabbed G.T.’s Synergy Guava Kombucha and it worked WONDERS!! Which is kind of ironic since I think it says on the bottle that it’s supposed to do that. LOL!! It actually helped so much. I couldn’t believe it.

Something else that seemed to work is my new favorite “power bar.” I don’t think it’s actually a power bar but I don’t know what to call it. One of my clients first showed it to me several months ago and I never really thought another thing of it. Then I found it at Good Earth a few weeks ago and was in heaven. Now it’s not raw but pretty close, I think anyway. It is called Green + Chocolate Energy Bars. It is DELICIOUS!! I ate one late last night when I started feeling really nausea again and it seem to really help. So….there are my ideas that seem to be working so far. I am SOSOSOSOSOSO GRATEFUL and I pray they keep working.

I have decided that I am going to eat mostly raw during this pregnancy. I am pretty sick in the mornings so it takes all my self discipline to eat since I don’t feel like it. Here is what I ate yesterday:

November 7th:
quart or more of water with wintergreen essential oil in it
2 quarts green smoothies. I sip on this throughout the day.
My favorite salad from Chili’s which consists of romaine lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo, corn cut off the cob, and salsa. YUMMY!!
1 Greens + energy bar
1 bottle of guava kombucha
By midnight I was still awake and nauseated, so going against everything inside of me that says to not eat late at night I went ahead and did so I wouldn’t vomit.
2 cups mixed veggies that were lightly steamed

There ya have it!!

Abundant peace to all,