Well……I am QUITE shocked but felt the need to share the news. I am PREGNANT!!! I went to a conference from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon this last weekend and sometime Friday afternoon, I started feeling queasy and nauseated. By dinner that night NOTHING sounded good. Those feelings have not stopped since then. I didn’t even really think anything of it until Sunday night when I realized I was nauseated before and after eating but…while eating I felt GREAT!! Then I woke up yesterday morning around 5 am wide awake from my queasiness. So, Chris finally went to All a Dollar and bought a pregnancy test (which by the way he has NEVER done in all our marriage) and obviously it was positive, hence writing this post. I then spent the next several hours crying and feeling overwhelmed!! I am still trying to wrap my brain around the idea of having another baby.

We were NOT planning this at all and had been using our same form of birth control that has seemed to work for years. I am 5 weeks along and will be due around July 9th. (I have a theory about woman and strongest ovulation times of the year. Mine would be October. Dean’s birthday is July 31st and Pratt is July 16th.) I think I am pretty sure when I got pregnant. I don’t usually start feeling sick until around 6 weeks so….I think I might be a little farther along than what the pregnancy chart says. At this point in time, we are planning an unassisted birth. We may have one extra person just for extra hands but….that could be subject to change depending on how my hubby feels about it.

Part of the reason I am sending this post is because I am asking for lots of LOVE and PRAYERS to be sent our way. The kids are ECSTATICALLY happy, yet concerned for my health. Chris is really excited about this baby but I feel a bit scared and apprehensive. We believe that all will go BEAUTIFULLY and I will be HEALTHY and STRONG throughout my pregnancy and birth but it would be nice just to have the added strength of all my AMAZING friends. We love you all!!! Thanks for being there for us!!

I am hoping that because I have eaten so healthy for so long, my nausea will not become to severe. In the past, it has been unbearable with consistent vomiting. At this point, it is manageable which I must say, I have been THANKING God for. That is an AWESOME blessing for me right now. I am still eating a little cooked food. At one point in time, I really thought I wanted to have an all raw pregnancy. Now, I am not so sure. I am praying and contemplating what I think will be best for me and baby. Also, I am in that faze of pregnancy where NOTHING sounds good and really the only reason I even eat is with the hopes that I will have a moments reprieve from feeling sick. But I have found that I really am not craving because of the nausea. So…that could be a good thing because then I just eat what I know is best for me, no matter what.

As I have stated on other posts, when I started eating some cooked I started gaining weight. I have actually only been eating cooked foods for about 3 months now and gained about 10 lbs. I went from about 110-115 lbs. to 120-125 lbs. As I stated above, we have used the same birth control our whole marriage and we have never gotten pregnant unless we were trying. Chris has a theory, which I am just throwing out there I am not sure if I buy it or not, but…he believes over the past couple of years I was too thin and wasn’t fully ovulating every month. Like I said, I hope any devout raw foodist doesn’t freak out by that comment, I just thought I would mention other thought processes to get you all thinking. I am pretty sure I was ovulating each month but….just never got pregnant. Chris, I think, is wondering if because of my surgery, my body just wasn’t healed enough to carry another life. Who knows?

I am still in shock and am trying to let it sink in. I will probably be posting more on my feeling during this pregnancy, than anything else. I can tell I will need the support!! I have been SO grateful for all the LOVE that has already been sent my way. But…I will also be posting because it helps me to emotionally process and understand exactly what I might be feeling. I feel SO blessed that I have learned SO much over the past couple of years about energy work and emotional processing. This has actually helped my nausea more than ANYTHING.

There is a VERY INFORMATIVE and BEAUTIFUL website called Birth Into Being. They discuss the emotional side of pregnancy in a EXCELLENT article on waterbirth. I LOVE this article and usually give it to my clients to read also. It states much more than the common knowledge about birth and pregnancy that is in most circles. Reading that article was nothing new to me but just helped enlighten what I already believed. If any of you are interested in home birth, I would recommend purchasing the DVD they offer. It is one of the MOST INSPIRING birth videos I have ever seen. For those of you who want to know more about my previous births, just look on my home birth page on my site.

So….there it is. I will post again soon on how I am feeling and what I am eating. Thank you SO much for being there for me, ALL OF YOU!!! My heart is SO FULL of LOVE for you all!!! Each of you have changed my life for the better in one way or another and I feel you are all my brothers and sisters.

Abundant peace,