I am so sorry about the delay in posting. I did really want to post on Christmas and wish everyone a VERY MERRY one but…..there have been some glitches. Thankfully my AMAZINGLY computer whiz brother is getting the problem fixed. Some of the pictures may not come up properly for awhile but other than that, things should work as normal.

Did anyone celebrate and connect even deeper with loved ones on the solstice moon? I sure did. I thought it was SO BEAUTIFUL right before Christmas. Chris and I just cuddled each other and our children and thanked God for such a GORGEOUS evening sky and such deep connection. I am pretty sure that this sweet spirit inside of me is a FULL MOON baby. Even though we thought we were done with the whole baby thing, I often thought if I ever wanted to get pregnant again it would be on a full moon where the pull and draw from the universe was so strong that nothing can separate us from our deepest passions and desires.
I thought it would be so FUN to post some cute pictures of our Christmas morning. We had SO MANY gifts!! Some very dear, sweet people found out we were planning on putting any extra money into the fix up of our house and so they decided to pick us as a sub-for-santa family. It was AWESOME! My kids had NEVER had so many gifts. I think it was almost like going to Disneyland. So…..Chris gets out the camera to take pictures. He takes 2 pictures and then accidentally drops it on the floor. It has now become FOREVER broken. The little lens thing won’t close. We both started laughing and then moved on. Oh well. Hopefully, my kids long term memory works REALLY WELL because that is all they are going to have when they get older. LOL!! Christmas was so GREAT! I love the season TONS and TONS! Each year I am just reminded of all the love, gratitude, and peace that is spread from each of us. I feel all tingly just thinking about it.
I have a few fun things I wanted to share with everyone. I happened to be watching Oprah about a week ago, something I haven’t done in I can’t remember how long. (it was a really feeling sick day so all I could was stare at the TV to not puke) Well, there is the woman named Priscilla Dunstan on it. She was discussing how hard it had been for her when her first baby was born REALLY understanding what her baby wanted and how to meet it’s needs. It comes out that Priscilla has phonographic hearing, which means she can hear things others can’t. She started listening to what her as it made sounds BEFORE it started crying. She found that her baby was talking to her. She did TONS of research on it for 8 years and found that the talking her baby made was pretty consistent with every other baby and there were a few basic sounds the each baby made that actually meant something in regards to what it might need. So then, she made a video and a little booklet to help other Mom’s and Dad’s understand the sounds and their meanings. It’s called the Dunstan Baby Language and I got it for Christmas. I haven’t watched it yet but did see some good footage on Oprah. I am REALLY excited for Chris and I to watch it together so he can understand it too! I hope everyone with small babies or expected a small baby will look into it.
The other item I am anxious to share, I have already mentioned a couple of times I think. The other gift I requested for Christmas was the Birth As We Know It video. So…..Chris and I watched it last night and I LOVED it. Chris even liked it. I had to somewhat coerce him to watch it but he said he was really glad he did when we were done. I wholeheartedly believe almost all of what is taught by Elena in the video and on her website. The SO GREAT news is that I am planning on going to her conference in LA in March. She is actually holding a class a day after the raw film festival. If I can somehow raise or produce enough money, I would like to go to both but….we’ll see about that. I am going to be working VERY HARD at trying to consciously create that one. As of right now, I have my lovely sister in law Yulia coming with me. One of the reasons I am posting this is because I am wondering if there might be anyone else out there who would be interested in going. I am trying to round up, at least, 2 more people to help pitch in for gas. I am open to having even more than that come. The more the merrier I say. Then we can all split the costs of things. I am hoping to be able to stay with a friend out there that I haven’t even contacted yet. If that doesn’t work out, then I guess we will be doing the hotel thing and probably only be able to afford the 2 day conference.
If you might be interested, PLEASE email me ASAP. We have to send a $100 deposit to hold our spots within the next few weeks. Anyone who might be interested, this will be SUCH a INSPIRING, EMPOWERING, LIFE CHANGING, FUN trip. I wouldn’t miss it!!
Now about the diet. I am eating all raw. I really am feeling so precious about it right now. It feels like a Christmas gift I am giving myself. This has been going on for about a month now. I think, let’s all cross our fingers and say lots of prayers, that my nausea is subsiding a bit. It is still not completely gone but….I still just keep a prayer of gratitude in my heart at all times that I am feeling better and better every day.
This last week, 2 days before Christmas, I ran a fever. I had forgotten how awful fevers feel. I think this is part of the reason I am feeling better though. I know I moved a TON of unwanted energy. It was/is AWESOME!! I bawled and prayed most of the day. I could tell just so much was moving and stirring inside of me and then I awoke in the morning to feel SO GOOD!! Good ‘ol cleansing!!
Right now, I am CRAVING avocados like crazy. I can’t seem to get enough of them. Today I have 2 big salads with avocado and OJ as the dressing. YUMMOOOOOOO!!!! Plus, I am SO LICKING MY LIPS on my fresh squeezed OJ. I had forgotten about our little family favorite of putting frozen blueberries in as ice cubes. The blueberries seep into the juice and then become soft and SCRUMPTOUS! You should try it.
Ok, I think I’m done for tonight. As I type this, I am looking down at my gut which is growing. It is funny because my uterus is growing but not enough to really tell. Inside it is pushing up my hernia which now looks quite LARGE to me. Gratefully, I just look pregnant and farther along than I really am. I had someone ask me the other day if I was 5 months. SO SAD!! Oh well. At least now I don’t have to wear my hernia belts and when I don’t and someone asks if I am pregnant, I can say I am.
One last thing…..my sister got married last week. CONGRATS Jeff and Kim. I LOVE YOU BOTH TONS!! I hope you are having a BLAST in Costa Rica. I sure wish I was there with you!
Abundant peace,