I am feeling so IMMENSELY and PROFOUNDLY LOVED!! Ever since I got off the plane and looked out the windows at the MAJESTIC mountains….love entered my heart and hasn’t left since. I must admit, that I can’t remember another time I felt it this strongly and powerfully before. The tears keep flowing. I couldn’t hold them back even if I wanted to, which I don’t.

My dear sisters put together an AMAZING retreat which has uplifted and blessed my life more than I ever thought it could. I truly cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and my family. Appreciation and gratitude has filled me and is OVERFLOWING!!
We had a great lodge on Sunday. The rebirthing was also GREAT last night. Both were small, intimate and VERY inspired! We had many people RSVP so we were a bit surprised at the smaller numbers. It couldn’t have worked out better though. The people who were meant to be there were.
As I watched them while we built the lodge and then looked into their eyes again last night during the rebirthing, tears streamed down my face at the courage they had to work so hard on themselves and their inner worlds. I felt so honored to be in the presence of such strength and enlightenment. Both ceremonies initiated a BEAUTIFUL flowing motion for energetic change, death and rebirth. The connection that was felt was palpable. It was deeper than I think I have ever felt before. AAAAAHHHHH!! I am still relishing in it!!
So….thank you, my beloved brothers and sisters. Thank you, my community of friends, family and loved ones. Thank you for just being you! Thank you for your courage, strength, persistence and most of all….your example. I do feel forever changed because of your LOVE and complete ACCEPTANCE of me! I do wish words could express my feelings but they really can’t. Please forgive me for that. Just know that I feel happier, healthier and clearer than I ever have before and I KNOW that without all of YOU and the Divine above and below….that would NOT be the case.
This trip was needed more than even I knew. Texas has been hard but so EXPANDING and GROWING that I wouldn’t take back my experiences for a second. I know that to return will bring similar feelings of hardship but I feel MUCH more prepared to take on what is ahead. The clearing of energy and enlightened understanding that has been taught to me for this week has uplifted my soul and extended my insight so I feel I can see the bigger picture like never before.
Please still keep me and my family in your prayers. They have already helped so much! Please know you are all in my prayers. Isn’t prayer WONDERFUL? Until next time!!
Abundant peace to all,