“Every loss in life I consider as the throwing off of an old garment in order to put on a new one; and the new garment has always been better than the old one.”

~Hazrat Inayat Khan Gayan
This quote is something I am DEFINITELY learning right now in life. I am realizing how addicted I have become to things, thoughts, false ideas, people, even emotions. Every time I step into a new space of growth and remove the old layer that I no longer need, I am consistently worried that it is going to feel painful or I might lose something that has too much significance for me to let it go! I soon learn, through the process, what a lie that is that I keep telling myself. It’s kind of like when you lose or misplace something for an extended period of time and then you find it. When you finally find it, you realize how well you did without it and that life went on probably with you not even missing it.
This is what releasing of old emotional and spiritual baggage has felt like lately, for me. Every time I get to that place where I think, “I can’t let go of that. I need it. It’s helped me for so long and now if I let go I will miss it WAY to much and I won’t be able to function without it.” When I hear this cycle through my head, it am learning to recognize the lie that it is. As soon as it enters, I start the process of prayer and asking for the truth of seeing things as He sees them. Then asking Him to replace the false belief pattern with one that emanates His LOVE and LIGHT and TRUTH. When I do this, there seems to be NO pain at all. What I thought I desperately needed, is instantly replaced with new and life giving ideas and thoughts and pure, unadulterated peace. It really is THAT SIMPLE!! I think it might be FINALLY sinking in, the idea that if it isn’t simple to understand and easy to apply, it really isn’t a God given universal truth.
I was searching the internet the other day on info and sites which talk about unassisted childbirth. I found a GREAT one that a woman named Laura Shanley put together called Bornfree! I am learning that is another word for unassisted childbirth. I really LOVED scouring her site for new and educational info. She has some AWESOME videos that were really FUN to watch. One of my favorites is one where Ina May Gaskin is discussing childbirth. Ina May is considered one of the most educated leaders in regards to midwifery. One of my favorite books she has written is called “Spiritual Midwifery.” It is one of the first books I ever read in regards to midwifery. I thought I would go ahead and post all 3 videos here for your viewing pleasure. I just know when I go to a blog or site, I am so grateful when they have just posted the videos instead of sending me somewhere else. It makes life just that much easier.
Ok, so after I made the comment about how easy it is to post the videos, I can’t seem to get them to embed on my page. I am not sure what is up so you can watch Video 1, Video 2, and Video 3 by clicking on them. I hope you enjoy!
The raw food has still been TONS of FUN!! Overall, I think like I stated on my last post, I am feeling better. I am still pretty consistently nauseated but….the nausea isn’t NEAR as bad as it had been. I can function at a MUCH higher pace than previously. I am still all raw and having a PARTY all the time. A good friend and I went up to Omar’s a few days ago. It was so DIVINELY DELICIOUS!! I have been really wanting to go up there for about a month now. He is in a new location which is basically across the street from his old place. It is MUCH more serene and BEAUTIFUL! There is the quiet tranquility that resides there. I normally just relish in being at his place and slowly enjoying the food and atmosphere but this time was the BEST so far, I think.
I hadn’t seen Omar in awhile so we caught up on new thoughts and ideas. I told him about the pregnancy. He actually guessed it before I even mentioned it. I think he noticed my belly though. Then he immediately stated it was a girl. Every single person I have told about the pregnancy, which has been quite a few at this point, has said it is a girl!! I think Chris won’t let himself believe it because there is a part of him that wants another girl so badly. We’ll we will see in about 5 1/2 months won’t be. I do not plan on getting an ultrasound so…..it will be a waiting game.
At Omar’s we ate his YYYYYUUUUUMMMMMMMYYYYYY Curried Seaweed Rolls, Pizza, and Falafal Bowl which I am pretty sure is still my favorite. I have really gotten to the point in my diet where I NEVER make gourmet raw foods. I know I have already said this before but if it takes me longer than 5 minutes to make it, I won’t. That is why going up to Omar’s is just so EXCITING and INVITING!! Thanks Omar for making my week just that much more AWESOME!
Another friend of mine has a GREAT little blog that I LOVE to read. One of her recent posts was where she was discussing listening to a raw food/homebirth teleconference I did awhile back. One of my friends (whom I helped deliver), her mom, and I were had a BLAST talking about the benefits of raw foods in pregnancy and birth and the outcomes of babies and moms from eating them. Well, on her blog she was stating how she LOVED what Judy had stated in regards to Gina’s birth. She was hoping and praying that it would be UNEVENTFUL and it WAS! My friend, Annalise, is hoping that her pregnancy and birth goes the same way. I am NOW on that same bandwagon. Along with so many other intentions I have made and keep replaying daily in my heart and mind, my new affirmation is that my birth and pregnancy will be UNEVENTFUL, DELICIOUS, and NUTRITIOUS!! I know that sounds a bit dorky but…..that’s me! I LOVE IT!!
I hope everyone is gearing up for the New Year. We are planning on having the time of our lives, loving and connecting with each other. That is how I want to bring in the New Year. Let’s all start it off with a BANG of renewed hope for ourselves, loved ones, for all humanity and life upon our dear planet Earth. Let’s just all open our hearts to the ultimate connection we can with ourselves, our Higher Power and each other. To this year, loving a bit deeper, being vulnerable a bit more often, and finding the resolve to progress on a path of peace and forgiveness for all!!
Abundant peace to all,