Hello again. I am so sorry that I have been away for so long again. Life has yet to slow down for me right now, which I am ok with. But…it has haltered my ability to post as much as I would like. Let’s see…I went to Vegas with my good friend, Shauna, and we partied with our kids. We did TONS of swimming and had TONS of FUN!! I was really excited to see my sister Kim since she was the reason we went down in the first place. I LOVE her SO MUCH!! I feel blessed to have a sister like her. My lifestyle, as everyone who read my blog knows, is a bit alternative. (That might be an understatement!) Throughout the changes we have made, I must admit I have felt some judgment from friends and loved ones. Kim truly has the gift of trying to love others, no matter what choices they make. I hope when I grow up I can have this same gift. She inspires me!!

We came home late on Wednesday and as soon as we got home, Chris and I planned for another sweat lodge ceremony on Saturday. You know, you wouldn’t think it was that big of a deal to plan for one but you’d be surprised. It even surprises me sometimes! It is exciting for me to plan and get things together for it. I just LOVE how I feel every time I leave a lodge after a AMAZING sweat ceremony. Every single one is so eye opening and inspiring.

I must admit that I have the COOLEST friends and I know the NEATEST people. When I first went raw, I met a WONDERFUL woman named Ruth. She, like my sister, has the gift of love and openness toward others. We were there for each other when the going got tough when we were first trying to eat an all raw diet. I don’t know where I would have been without her.

Well, on Saturday my intention for the ceremony was to learn how to deeply connect, with a Christ like love, to all living things about me. In the book I am reading, “The Hummingbird’s Daughter”, the medicine woman is teaching her pupil how to talk to the plants and animals and really understand what they are saying to her. I LOVED this idea!! Right now, I am striving to learn how to really connect on a deep level with my husband and children. As I connect with myself on a deeper level I recognize that I can then connect with all about me on that same level. I am anxious for this to happen.

During our ceremony, while I was going through some strong emotions and processing, I realized how prideful I really am. I saw how much of myself was still unconscious to it. I understood that my pride was preventing me from truly connecting with all about me. I was and am SO grateful to see it and hope and pray that with the Saviors love and support, I can let go and move from this prideful place that I see now is holding me back from truly being a disciple of Christ. It truly was a painful yet awakening and LOVING experience. My desire is to humble myself enough to see all the LOVE in the world along with truly feeling it.

After the ceremony, I came in my house and was getting ready to jump in the shower and low and behold, my good friend Ruth had sent me a gift. I opened it and knew God was working through others to help me on the path I have choose. What I received was a book with some cards called “Medicine Cards.”

They are cards that teach you how to understand the language of animals and what some of their healing properties might be. I couldn’t believe it. She was SO inspired with this gift and it came on the PERFECT day. It was just what I needed to understand how to connect!! I felt so LOVED and BLESSED!! Thank you so much, Ruth. I love you!!

I have been doing pretty good with eating the way I want, not great though. I will stick to it when I can but with the traveling and stuff it can be tough. I am ok with it and am trying to just go with the flow and do what I can. I went through my sauerkraut faze and had fun with it but I think I am over it now. I was eating it everyday for awhile there. All I have had today is:
Green smoothie

I will make some green soup tonight or a salad. I really enjoy how simple my life has become in regards to my personal diet. Since my kids are now eating more cooked foods, I find myself in the kitchen more which has been kinda hard for me. I am NOT a cook and have always had a hard time making good food. Chris is the cook in the family and he is SO good that my food just doesn’t compare. He just is so busy he doesn’t really have time so even though mine isn’t great, I end up doing most of the cooking. I am learning to try to love it and be grateful for the opportunity to serve my kids in this manner. They usually LOVE what I make and I am so thankful for that!

I promise to write more often this week. It is hard for me to make them shorter. I still have to post my friends burns. I am trying to figure out just how to do that because I have SO many pictures of his burns. It might just have to be a really LONG post.

Until next time.
Abundant peace to you all,