So…last night the kids and I went over to Sarah’s house for a really FUN raw food potluck. The kids, of course, had a blast playing with the other kids. I find it all interesting because Golden, a couple of days ago, came to Chris and I and told us he couldn’t and didn’t want to eat an all raw diet anymore. I was grateful for the chance to understand my own feelings about him making this decision and I was grateful that he felt he could come to discuss with us needing to make this change. The funny thing is because of the way our house is set up with having mostly raw food in the house, he still eats mostly raw everyday. Of course, he doesn’t realize it. But Millie and Pratt also decided they wanted to incorporate more cooked foods too. Dean chose to stay raw and even watched the other kids make veggie burgers for themselves a couple of nights ago while he sat there and ate his salad and really LOVED it! How cool is that! I am in AWE!

I have found though, on this raw path, that the kids still chose to eat very simply most of the time. While at the potluck, there were all kinds of really delicious foods made and my kids didn’t really want any of them. They wanted a banana or apple or something simple. Dean did finally eat some of Sarah’s raw cheese in her fridge but that was the extent of what they would eat there. I find it quite cute that they are learning to listen to their own bodies. This isn’t a conscience choice for them, it is just them recognizing when they feel good after eating something and when they don’t. I believe we can all relearn to understand our own inner wisdom just as a child does, in all aspects of life, not just foods we eat. I believe the world is helping to change it’s vibration so we can all easily and smoothly change ours so we can chose to live in a space of peace. The food aspect of the potlucks really isn’t the fun part for me. I remember a couple of years ago when I decided that I really didn’t have any desire to go to raw potlucks anymore. Especially as my diet changed to a much more simpler, easier way of eating raw. But…I must say that I am very glad I have chosen to go to the potlucks, as of late. I am VERY impressed with the people I get to meet and truly feel honored to be in their presence and learn and glean from them. We had some really exciting conversations last night about life and change and truly striving to becoming better people. These are conversations that I truly love to be part of. Thanks everyone who came to the potluck and thanks to Sarah for hosting it at her house. Maybe tomorrow I will post some of my insights into some of the things we discussed. Happy day to all!!