So I finally decided to go ahead and make this my blogging part of my website. I have thought about it for a long time but I really felt I was a really lame blogger. So….maybe I will try it out and see how it goes for awhile. I hope I can express myself so others can understand and make this somewhat interesting for myself and everyone else who might be interested in reading about my really WEIRD life.

Today was a very easy day for me. Two days ago I finally went to the dentist and got my 2 right back molars removed. I am a TOTAL and COMPLETE baby when it comes to the dentist. I spent, probably, 3 years doing NOTHING about these 2 teeth but shoving cotton inside of them with essential oils which did seem to keep infection at bay. But….I finally decided I could no longer stand decaying teeth in my mouth so I got up the guts (along with crying a bit) and went in to get them yanked out.
It was actually quite an eye opening experience for me. The dentist was AMAZING! He was gentle, thoughtful, patient, and spent the time needed with me to help calm my fears and do whatever it took so I felt happy with the outcome. There was no pain and very little, if any, discomfort while in his office. His name is Dr. Hendricksen and I HIGHLY recommend him to those of you who might be looking for a dentist. His office is in Lindon and is called Synergy Dental.
I have read several books on alternative dentistry and he had many of the same ideas from what I had read. I really appreciated that and felt he really had my interests in mind when answering questions and helping with what my future dental needs may be.
So…the intriguing part about the whole story is that there was minimal, if any, inflammation for the first 24 hours. The pain medication from the initial injections was still working, even 7 hours after the work was done. I felt blessed by this! But I did notice that it wasn’t until the next evening when I finally ate food which consisted of raw seeds, veggies and salt, that I noticed any inflammation taking place. This, of course, could just be from the extra movement that I didn’t have the day before but for those of you who know me, the seeds and salt are not a normal occurrence in my diet. My final conclusion on it on was that I did stress out the body a bit more by eating it and causing some acidity that probably wasn’t there before I ate it. Hence, the area could no longer prevent inflammation from taking place and needed to buffer the site for protective purposes.
Who knows? I am sure there are many raw foodist or even alternative health professionals who have their own ideas on the subject matter. I just was in awe of the whole process. I have had VERY little pain, even directly after the medication wore off. Again, any discomfort only became apparent upon the increase of fat and salt in my diet. Just thought I would share a few of my newest insights. Isn’t it SO MUCH FUN to experiment with ourselves? I just LOVE it. Remember, YOU CAN TOO!