Omar’s Rawtopia is the BOMB!

So because my twin mama lives VERY close to Omar’s Raw food restaurant, and I was delivering her placenta to her last night, Chris and I had to head over and eat at his place last night!  Omar’s food is quite MAGNIFICENT.  A place I highly recommend! You can learn more about raw foods HERE!

His flavors are OUTSTANDING.  I have eaten at MANY raw food restaurants around the United States and have WHOLEHEARTEDLY decided that Omar’s food is VERY much the BEST!

Beautiful Omar

I have known Omar since the very beginning of the opening at his first location. When I started my raw food journey 10+ years ago, there was NOTHING available in terms of quick, organic raw foods you could purchase.  I look now at where we’ve gone in 10 years and realize how much easier it is to go raw NOW then it was when I first started.  There are so many fast raw foods there were unavailable in years past.

With that said, you can imagine the EXCITEMENT of those of us in the raw community when we found out there was going to be a raw food restaurant opening in SLC.  But then when we actually drove up and tried the food, a whole new WORLD of EXCITEMENT opened to us.  I could now go on a Friday night date with my husband and actually purchase food I eat.  And its so DIVINE that even Chris enjoyed it. (even though he wasn’t eating an all raw diet until 6 months ago)

Perusing through the raw food recipe books sold at Omar’s

The only sad part for us down here in Utah County is that Omar’s seems so FAR away up in SLC.  I will admit, it is SO very much worth the drive.  I was ALL anxious to create a video while we were up there but then cowered out since we’re still in the process of getting the video camera up and going and I still feel like a camera retard! (which means I’m not comfortable with someone video taping me in front of other people eating)

I have tried EVERYTHING on the menu and I’m going to be completely honest here (I have a hard time being anything else)….I haven’t tried one thing on the menu I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed.  Now some things I like more than others but not ONE THING on the menu did I think tasted gross or even not very good.  Its all GOOD.  Its actually all MORE than good.  The majority of the food is HEAVENLY!  Seriously, life altering.  You have entered another dimension when you eat his food. No joke! 

Omar’s Chalk Wall Menu~LOVELY!

The funnest part about eating at Omar’s is you can purchase an appetizer, an entree and a dessert and still feel light, satisfied (not overly sick or full like you feel so often after eating out) and more energized than BEFORE you ate.  On his menu, he lists the ingredients for each entree but then adds an extra ingredient to each and every item.  That ingredient is LOVE!  It says it….right on the menu.  LOOK for yourself.  I’m telling you his LOVE makes all the difference in his food.  You really can feel it when you eat it! 

I remember once Omar telling me he was an organic snob.  Yes, he is and that’s one of the main points I LOVE about Omar.  He makes sure ALL of his food comes from an organic source and better yet, strives to purchase as much as he can locally.  How COOL is that.  I figure if he’s gonna go to that much work to offer such an IDEAL product, I’m going to make sure I support HIM!  This is how we grow local, organic businesses.  We buy from them.  We support them.  We do what we can to help them so they can produce more of what is truly life giving and HEALTHY!

I was ALL ready to interview Omar when we got there but alas, he is visiting his home town.  I am hoping to go back up and interview him so you can all feel his HEART when he speaks.  He is so SINCERE and GENTLE his approach to life and he takes that sincerity and gentility into the food he creates.  Only a true chef can accomplish that, in my opinion. 

Here I am with my 3 favorite dishes.  Its hard to say they are my favorite, really.  They are on my top10 list of EXCELLENT food at Omar’s.  Let’s just leave it at that.  On the far left is his SPICY CURRIED SEAWEED roll.  You can NEVER go wrong with spicy, curry or seaweed.  But then when you mix them all together….you can seriously hear angels singing.  Its really the sauce that makes this dish.  I’m still unsure as to how he does it but OH…he does something that makes it sing to you soul!

In the middle is the PIZZA!  Now when it comes to raw pizza, its very difficult to satisfy the cooked pizza craving we have but Omar’s pizza does it EVERY TIME for Chris.  His red sauce on the top tastes like a fresh, basil infused tomato sauce and the little crunchy things on top….which I have NO idea what they are….make the whole thing scrumptious!

On the far right is probably my FAVORITE dish.  It is his Falafal Bowl.  It has lettuce, tomatoes, HUGE chunks of avocado….topped with a tahini/parsley dressing.  Oh, I almost forgot the crunchy goodness crackers he puts on top.  They are green and truly sublime!

Me eating the Spicy Curried Seaweed Roll…don’t be too JEALOUS!

Lastly, I am posting some picture of the desserts he offers.  His chocolate balls taste like rich, chocolately goodness.  His pies can full any taste bud that they really can’t be that healthy for you, but don’t worry….they really ARE!

I still remember when I was pregnant with Mabel how many times Omar’s food saved me from rushing to the local grocery store and buying CRAP I knew I shouldn’t be eating.  Chris loved me enough to take me there as often as I needed.  Mabel adores Omar’s food to this day. I will be discussing more about raw foods and pregnancy VERY soon.  A raw food diet is a WONDERFUL way to eat during pregnancy!

Head on UP to SLC when you get the chance and try Omar’s food.  I PROMISE you will NOT be disappointed!  It is worth every penny, every long distance you drove and every effort you made to taste ONLY the GREATEST raw food EVER! 

In Peace,