I saw this picture today and had to share! So often we feel comfortable making choices about the timing of the birth of our babies. We believe what we’re being told that babies born before 39 weeks is really okay.  We believe that if our babies are born before 39 weeks that they, most likely, are fully developed and all is well for their birth to come.  Sad part about that last sentence is that moms are choosing to induce based solely on their personal discomfort. 

Now, I know there are LOTS of reasons to induce that are truly medically indicated.  Labor induction rates are about the same as c-section rates.  About a 3rd of all women will use pitocin to induce labor….And just like the c-section being so high for a wide variety of absolutely ridiculous reasons.  

Let me just state though that just because they are showing some of the reasons to wait until 39 weeks to deliver.  I hold true that babies will come when they are GOOD and READY!  Yeah, you read that right.  Who knew?  That babies actually KNOW when they are fully developed and it’s time for them to enter the world.  

So….the down low is that babies actually produce a hormone that they excrete to let the Mom know that it’s time for her hormones to kick in and initiate labor.  You can read all about it by clicking the link in the article below. 

“Now, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas researchers have found that it is in fact the fetal lungs themselves which provide the signal to initiate labor.

Drs. Carole Mendelson, Jennifer Condon and Pancharatnam Jeyasuria published findings that a substance secreted by the lungs of a developing fetus contains the key signal that initiates labor.”

If babies really decide and know when it’s time for them to be born, I’m not quite sure why we are inducing moms for labor BEFORE the initial onset of contractions has started.  Waiting for baby to come when he/she is ready, limits the likelihood, like shown above, of complications with baby after birth.  I believe induction is a MUCH greater risk your taking with babies ability to cope outside of the womb, than any risk that may take place by waiting until baby is ready to be born.  

I’ve seen moms wait til 42….even 43 weeks before they delivered.  GASP, you say! I foresee MUCH less risk with a mom who’s babies stays in just a bit longer than a mom who wants that baby out just a bit early.  A bit early has a wide variety of consequences a bit late just doesn’t have.  Now, there are complications that can and do take place from delivering a post date baby but the risks of induction seem far greater to me and induction is the bigger risk.  You can click the link below to read more.  

Patience and little understanding of the process of birth is really ALL you need to avoid an induction.  But….YOU are the one the chooses how and when for your baby to be born because you LISTEN and WAIT for that baby to tell you!

In Peace,