Okay, I really haven’t forgotten about blogging. Ever since we returned from our trip, it seems life hasn’t slowed down. I think summer hits and we get into play mode and we all lose ourselves in it. Which is kinda what we have been doing. It has been alot of fun. In fact, tomorrow we are going boating with some friends. I was thinking about it and I couldn’t remember the last time I went boating. I am excited. From what I can remember, I am not too shabby at the water skiing thing but we’ll see!

So…lots has been going on. I do have pictures from the trip we went on. Seeing as it is almost midnight, I don’t think I will be posting those now but soon, I promise. They aren’t all that great but maybe some of you will get a hoot out of them. The trip gave me LOTS of time to prepare myself for the leaps I have been taking this week. Plus, I have found that movies tend to be emotional releasers for me. Chris and I have always enjoyed watching movies. When we are driving across country, we rent loads of movies and watch them on the road. I guess I shouldn’t say we watch them, we listen to them while we are driving while catching a few scenes here and there. There were a couple of movies that really opened me up emotionally and energetically! It was good for me to recognize and register why I was having the rise and where it was coming from. I really like movies that really make you think about yourself and the world we live in. It truly helps on my forward progressive path.
Also, some really cool things have been happening with me and my energetic breakthroughs. I have been learning SO MUCH about myself and my relationship with my God. I have been loving everything I have been learning! I feel I understand myself LOTS better than before. My perspective has again moved to a different place. In this place, I feel more peaceful and comfortable living in my own skin. I will give more details with my next post!
I have been SO enjoying my peace pipe. It is an AMAZING gift that was given to us. James, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!! This past week I have moved through so much old emotional baggage, I don’t know where I would have been without it. There was a couple of days where I pulled it out several times throughout the day. It made me think of Daniel in The Old Testament and his praying 3 times a day. I fully UNDERSTAND his reasoning for that decision now. I find that when I take the needed time, no matter what else is going on during my day to really get inside myself and listen to what I am being taught, I can move through my stuff so MUCH QUICKER!! In the past, I would just stay in my negative emotional place, til who knows when, and then if I had a spare moment I might decide to look at it and work on it. I NO LONGER have the desire to sit in that place any longer than need be. My hope is that it will get quicker and quicker and eventually immediately I will see it and understand and MOVE ON with being happy and care free in life. It will come, I know it is!!
My heart is again full for the people, places and things that are put in my life to help me move along. The pipe, my angels, the Grandfather and Mother, my Creator, and my husband all supported me and LOVED me, through this weeks changes, more than I think I have EVER felt before!! It truly was a MIRACULOUS gift that I was given. I am always in awe when I come out on the other side of my stuff with the amount of clarity, peace and love I feel from all about me.
Well, I better go to bed. I will talk more about some of the food issues I have been having at a later post. And…I will talk about the emotional processing Chris and I have been doing with our children. It has been SO TOTALLY AWESOME! Oh, one last thing, I will be soon posting pictures of a friend of mine who had severe burns all along his body and how we healed his feet naturally with herbs and healthy foods~ It is one of the neatest things I think I have ever witnessed.
Abundant peace to you all,