WHOA!! Has it really been a full week since I posted last? Sorry guys. This week has been a CRAZY one. It started off, in the VERY early Monday morning hours, with my dear sweet friend delivering a BEAUTIFUL 8 lb. little boy. She was SUCH a trooper and hung in there when the going got REALLY tough. She had this MIRACULOUS water birth that she just wouldn’t give up on! Her husband was absolutely AMAZING in giving her the LOVE and SUPPORT she desperately needed. Then, at the last minute, her gifted mother showed up to help when we needed her most. Things couldn’t have turned out better, I believe. I was, once again, honored to be part of such an AWESOME event. Thank you Lisa and Jason. You are both people I feel blessed to have a part of my life and have learned so much from you both.

Then, on Tuesday, I awoke with the overwhelming need to vomit profusely. This went on for 2 whole days. It really did seem like forever. Up to that point, I hadn’t even vomited yet. I had felt my normal consistent, severely annoying nausea but….no running to the toilet for relief. I was quite happy to had gone for so long. That hadn’t been the case in previous pregnancies. During those 2 days, I could keep NOTHING down. Eating already feels burdensome but this was just AWFUL!
I have been contemplating and praying about why I might just “all of a sudden” decide to vomit and then have it stop so abruptly. (By Thursday morning, it finally stopped only to have me return to my previous constant nausea state.) I really felt that it wasn’t some kind of virus or bacteria. That was my first thought. So then……I moved onto what it might be emotionally. I still am a bit undecided. I think it was a compilation of feelings and thoughts that brought me to that point. I think maybe part of my feelings were brought up by Lisa’s birth realizing that in about 6 months, I would be doing that same act myself. I still have some strong feelings on this birth that I am trying to work out and really release. I still feel torn on so many different levels. My acceptance level of the situation is much stronger than before which is GREAT!! But….I am still trying to really get into the groove of letting go of some false beliefs I have let creep in over the past few years. It’s been FUN because it’s really down in the dirt, nitty gritty stuff I have been needing to look at for awhile. So I figure what a lovely way to just look at it honestly and move on. I must say at first it felt a bit more painful but the more I remain in that space of peace and tranquility and really try to remove any drama OH…….SO MUCH EASIER life becomes. It’s like taking a really deep breath and then being so grateful when that gentle relaxed feeling comes over your whole body. I just LOVE that!!
The other thing that helped my move through my nausea was my SO GIFTED energy worker friend Becky. Let me just say HOW MUCH I love her!! She is one of my best friends and has been there for me through thick and thin! Thank you BECK! The morning after she worked on me was one of the BEST mornings so far in this pregnancy. Anything I might know in regards to energy work and spiritual health I learned from her. SO NEAT!!
Ok, so then, by Thursday I was feeling MUCH better so now it was time to plan the wedding shower for my sister Kim. I had already put some effort into it but with how gross I had been feeling, I had procrastinated quite a bit. I spent the next couple of days trying to gather all I might need for that. It turned out so FUN with the help of so many other people. Thanks Mom, Audrey, and Melinda for doing the games! And my AWESOME friend Shauna helped to bring the food!! Then we don’t want to forget Yulia, who let us hold it at her home. She cleaned and scrubbed to make it so nice for us! THANK YOU ALL!!! I was really grateful for the shower. It gave me an opportunity to tell my sister how much I LOVED her in front of so many other people. Of course, being pregnant, I had a bit of a meltdown where I really cried and told her how AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL she is. But…..it was really good for me and her, I think.
So….today I am relaxing and just loving my children and hubby. We are spending time together and making some very needed choices on our future. I feel so GRATEFUL, (and I know you have all heard this before but I am going to say it again), to be able to turn my heart and thoughts to my Heavenly Father and Mother and Savior and ask them for help in answers we are looking for. I truly know with their help only gifts of LOVE and PEACE will be sent our way.
Lastly, I have come up with a affirmation for this pregnancy right now. I was needing some help really getting into a space of feeling good consistently so this is what I came up with and thought I would share. Maybe it can help others with same it has helped me, which has been IMMENSELY!!

I will move forward in this pregnancy with GRACE and EASE, PEACE and GENTILITY! All is PERFECT! I am WHOLE!
I know it’s pretty basic and simple but THAT’S ME!! Oh, and since I have been thanking everyone for being just so AMAZING, I feel it’s important that MOST IMPORTANTLY, I thank my husband. So…..THANK YOU CHRIS!! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for EVERYTHING and I know you know exactly what that means.
I LOVE life!! I LOVE my family! I LOVE you all!! I am blessed that you are all part of my life and teach me SO MUCH!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
Abundant peace to you all,