It is true that our delicate hormonal balance, our psychological/emotional body, our spiritual/soulful body and our physical are playing a beautiful dance in birthing your child.

I love what she says above…”….,it is from her, for her, by her.”

The hormone production is apparent with the large amounts of oxytocin (love hormone), endorphin, adrenaline, etc. production. They work harmoniously & release exactly when needed. Our spiritual selves recognize we know how to do this.

Our physical bodies are designed to do this & subconsciously repeat the mantra “We can do this. We are doing this.” The interactions of the hormones, emotions & psychological aspects of birth are so deeply intertwined it’s impossible to complete dissect each one to know it’s part in the experience. Woman cry, yell out, sit still, feel peace, feel anger…. a wide range of emotional/psychological experience is taking place.

When properly cared for the physical body stays strong & powerful specifically when it might feel too hard or that she can’t go on. There is this glorious moment in the labor process when a woman fully recognizes she alone is the one bringing her child into the world. That moment is at its peak usually in transition or beginning of the pushing phase. You tend to see the greatest intensity of this moment in first time moms. Until that moment, it seems a part of them believes all the people involved are bringing her baby earth side. Once that moment is fully processed, believed & understood, the phrase “I am woman hear me roar” has a whole new meaning. Another space in birth time I relish in as long as possible.