How WONDERFUL to live in a world where women are striving to helpwomen around the world to have successful and safe birth experience. About a year ago, a local midwife passed away from a car accident. It was a very sad event for all us within the birth community.

But…for those who felt the loss of Briana Blackwelder can feel the HOPE and JOY of the gift she left behind that is now helping other women across the world. Thanks to her LOVING midwifery partner, Cathy, Briana will hold a space of healing and health for many women.

I’d make sure to pull out your kleenex before watching this video. Hopefully this gift will impact you all as powerfully as it impacted me. My prayer and hope is that ALL of us can find the space within ourselves to give to others a part of ourselves to make birth a BETTER and even BLISSFUL experience for all involved.

Hope everyone has a HAPPY weekend. I will have a FUN video on Monday about how to create a more PEACEFUL natural hospital birth experience, so check back! 🙂

In Peace,