Chris and I have decided years ago we longed to be minimalist.  To be people who consciously chose to only purchase products that we felt we absolutely needed.  Our big inspiration was a book called “The Good Life.” 


The book is about a couple who set out, as vegetarians, to be COMPLETELY self sufficient.  We actually made a drastic move to Texas a few years back with the hopes to follow the Nearing’s example.  But, alas….finances halted that process. 

We still strive each and every day to be fully conscious of our product and life choices.  Where we shop and how the products we purchase are actually made. How what we are buying effects the planet and the world around us. Just as one of my goal is to help myself and others heal physically and emotionally….healing Mother Earth is a MUST for us to see the transitions in our own personal healing.

I hope you enjoy these videos for today.  I will let them speak for themselves.  Notice in the “The Story of Stuff” where she discusses how toxins in the air our effecting our breastmilk.  This video was made back in 2007.  Things are getting worse since then….Unfortunately not better.  The chemicals all around us are effecting us negatively in almost EVERY way imaginable. 

Check back next week.  I have articles and videos I will show on how chemicals, just like she talks about in “The Story of Stuff”,  are slowly killing us and how they are even effecting our unborn children causing all kinds of ailments and disease.

If you have any questions on how we combat these problems in our home, please feel free to comment below or email me personally… 

In Peace,