I find it interesting how our expectations of life and the way it should be are always changing. I have found that even if I create the expectation I am desiring, it tends to come in a different form than my mind had configured. I am talking about just daily choices we make. My husband “planned” on going to a sweat lodge ceremony today and then changed his plans and decided not to go. He had planned it all week and so I had planned my day around his plans. But then, his plans changed so mine did also. Now, this isn’t always the case but I often wonder about the importance of acceptance of the present moment.

We live in a world where we selfishly think we are the end all and be all of everything around us. I believe most of us have yet to spiritually and emotionally grow past the age of 2. We came here, put on the cloak called “ego”, and are still spinning our wheels to receive what we really want from life. Until we decide to see each other as the spiritual beings we truly are, it is VERY hard to move past our own pride and reach the higher ground we might be searching for.
I am inspired by this quote I found in one of my favorite books, “Autobiography of a Yogi.” Pramahansa Yogananda is actually quoting Emerson from his writing in “The Over-Soul.” Here is what he has to say:

“A man is a facade of a temple wherein all wisdom and all good abide. What we commonly call man, the eating, drinking, planting, counting man, does not, as we know him, represent himself, but misrepresents himself. Him we do not respect; but the soul, whose organ he is, would he let it appear through his actions, would make our knees bend….We lie open on one side to the deeps of spiritual nature, to all the attributes of God.”
What an AMAZING quote! I feel the TRUTH in his words. If we put together the idea that we are to live in the present moment and accept the outcome of all things, together with the fact that the physical man is a facade, we can then listen to our own heart beating with the recognition that each and every moment is a spiritual learning ground. The learning is ONLY our own and is ONLY for our conscious self to identify the God or Goddess that is who we are! There are those such as gurus, shaman, spiritual leaders of all kinds, who have found this fact to be true sooner than the rest of us slow pokes. Each day we live life with our Soul longing for the realization of who and what we really are. I am and you are PURE and EVERLASTING love! Just like we carry genes from one generation to the next, we are beings of Light who inherently, inside us all, know this to be a known FACT but our ego has let us choose to disbelieve that it could ever be so. Just some thoughts that have been stewing in my brain and I have been wanting to get down.
Here is what I ate yesterday and today.
Friday, June 1st:
lots of watermelon
2 quarts of banana/berry smoothie
1 mango
handful of cherries
1 quart of green soup
more watermelon

Saturday, June 2nd:
lots of watermelon
1 quart of banana/berry smoothie
2 cups of cherries eaten with 4 Nori sheets

I am trying to decide if I want green soup or just mangos for dinner. I have kinda lost my appetite as of right now. I will fill you in.

I found myself getting upset this morning that Chris decided to not go to the sweat ceremony. Here I am trying to learn to accept and love others in whatever space they are in. But with my spouse, I find that most days this feels like an IMPOSSIBLE feat. As I extend my understanding and insights, I am aware at the place where I am at and only focusing, once again, on his “stuff” instead of my own. That once I chose to remove fear and look at me, his choices and reactions to life will no longer affect me in anyway. I can LOVE and appreciate him, HOWEVER he decides to live.

Another friend of mine that I was waiting to go into labor, finally had her baby. She has an AWESOME story that pertains to all I have discussed here. I am waiting for pictures. As soon as I get those, I will share her story. Things did not turn out how she had hoped but she quickly accepted the outcome by recognizing God’s support and charity through it all.

Until next time.
Abundant peace to all,