Here’s just an update about how AWESOME Mabel’s birthday was.  We had a REALLY good time.  Below are pictures and videos to show you all the FUN!  I thoroughly enjoy planning parties and getting presents for my younger kids….especially when they are only 4 years old.  They just LOVE everything they get and are grateful for it all!!!  I’m sad to think she is growing up so fast….I’m striving to relish EVERY moment of it.

To start off the festivities, we made a DELICIOUS veggie pizza with a individual gluten free crust.  The kids devoured them.  I was surprised how good they actually tasted!!!  I asked Chris to take a picture of the final product but for some reason that didn’t happen.  Just try and imagine the YUMMINESS in your mind.  That’ll give you an idea of how OUTSTANDING our pizzas were!

Next we moved onto cake!  I made a decent chocolate cake.  I made it out of our gluten free pancake mix, because YES, I am lazy like that.  She LOVED it.  I made a cherry coconut cream to go on top.  Chris devoured it and said it was great!  I seriously beg to differ….but here’s us singing Happy Birthday!  

Notice Mabel’s hair.  It doesn’t look like that because I want it to look like that.  It looks like that because she refuses to let me do her hair.  Once I do it, she likes to leave it that way for DAYS!  But she sleeps in it and plays and messes it all up.  This is just one of the battles I refuse to fight.  Don’t judge me….:)

Here we have Mabel opening her presents.  Pratt gave her everything he no longer wanted and she ADORED it all!  My favorite part of her birthday….:)  

Next we have the BIG present from Chris and I she’s been asking for since January!  THE GRAND BIKE!!!  That freaking bike cost $70….We couldn’t believe it and couldn’t find anything cheaper….Lame.  But she LOVED it and rides it everyday since she’s gotten it.  It had EVERYTHING she asked for on it.  SO FUN!!!
Lastly, we have Golden, who just happens to be one of Mabel’s VERY best friends, helping her learn how to ride her bike.  She looks here like she might never learn how to do it but she’s a pro now.  It only took a couple of days for her to figure it out!  

Here’s just some extra pictures for your viewing pleasure….Ya, my family members are, pretty much. the most MAGNIFICENT people I know….But what do I know. 🙂  

So there it is!  Don’t be jealous….You can plan just as EXCITING a party at your home as well.  Feel free to email or call to find out how.  LOL!!!!  hahahahah….:)

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!  

In Peace,