HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  How lovely to get such kind words this morning! I’m so in love with what I do & here’s part of why!  From a client who just posted this on FB:”I just go these cards in the mail from Rachel Shumway Talley. Placenta encapsulation was a complete game changer for me! Message me for info or this coupon. I’m not getting anything for this. I really just want others to experience how helpful it is, and this lady is the bomb.com!”

Thank you, Miranda! I’m beyond grateful for these AMAZING woman I get to meet & work with almost every day! I almost can’t believe some days that THIS is what I get to do for my living. ? I’m feeling so wonderfully blessed! If your interested in getting some coupons from me, please contact me & I’d LOVE to ship you some. If your pregnant and interested in placenta encapsulation, I’ll give you the coupon price for Halloween.