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Moms, are you concerned about the supply and nutritional value of your breast milk? Struggled with the fear of low milk production or dealt with this malady in the past? Have you tried everything to increase your milk supply without finding the answer you need? This special herbal formulation promotes higher production supply and superior nutritive content of your milk. Prolactin is great for baby and studies show large levels of prolactin within the placenta of several mammals in utero and upon delivery. The natural occurring benefits of the placenta along with our proprietary blend with support your milk supply and give baby all they need to grow healthy and happy. Learn more at: LivingMom Birth

Each placenta is a deposit of all the best hormones and nutrients a mother’s body can offer her baby, but it is also a gift that gives again when its unused hormones and nutrients are returned to the mother after her baby’s birth. What could be more natural than giving your body back the hormones it created for your baby to support your own emotional health post partum? Your very own hormones will help protect you during the normal post delivery hormone drop and ensuing risk of baby blues.LivingMom augments your hormones with a proprietary blend of supportive herbs blended in conjunction with Dr.Christophers to keep you at your emotional best.

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LivingMom Placenta Pharmaceuticals are like no other. LivingMom leads the industry providing the only product that gives you nearly 100% of the nutrients of the living placenta at nearly twice the volume of other preparers. Simple dehydration techniques of the in-home providers simply can’t match the LivingMom powerful healing and strengthening product; speeding your recovery and providing a richer more blissful experience for you and your new born.

Why Placenta Encapsulation?

During pregnancy, a woman’s ovaries, pituitary and pineal glands turn over production of critical hormones–progesterone, estrogen, and others–to the placenta. When the baby is born and the placenta is delivered, the mother’s body shifts hormone production back to their normal sources.

Within three days, her hormone levels drop precipitously. It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks before these hormones are back to normal. Some women suffer severe post-partum depressions due to this hormonal disturbance.

By returning a woman’s own hormones to her body through placental encapsulation, much of this hormone deficiency can be alleviated naturally, creating HUGE improvements in overall health and well being until her body starts producing the necessary hormones.

Furthermore, our proprietary blend of herbs supports and supplements the body’s return to balance.

Each proprietary blend is make with the highest quality, wild crafted herbs from Dr. Christophers. Below are listed a few of the herbs that are added to each blend.

FENUGREEK: This wonderful see is considered a “must have” for nursing mothers. Diosgenin, a compound in the spice, increases mild supply for lactating mothers. Fenugreek has been used historically for its ability to reduce discomfort of menstrual cramps associated with PMS. The compounds like isoflavones with estrogen like properties can ease menopausal symptoms like hot flashes or mood fluctuations. Lastly, as it is released through your breast milk to your newborn, it can be an effective remedy for acid re flux or heartburn by soothing irritated gastrointestinal tissues.

BLESSED THISTLE: This plant is a well known remedy for women. It can alleviate many PMS symptoms, including menstruation and headaches. Blessed thistle is thought to be a galactagogue, taken to help increase breast milk production. It seems to work optimally when used along with fenugreek, alfalfa, fennel, stinging nettle, or goats rue.

NETTLE: Nettle is a highly nutritive plant with many medicinal properties. It has been used throughout history for many female maladies. Its known for strengthening the uterus during pregnancy. It promotes milk production in lactating women while relieving cramping and bloating from afterbirth pains and discomforts.

HOPS: In Native American traditional medicines, the Cherokee were found using Hops as an aid for breast and womb problems in women. Hops benefits as a sedative for relaxation and as a sleep aid were used by the Delaware tribe as well. Its most well known for its aid in increasing milk supply. Other products such as beer or other fermented products that contain hops flowers have been shown to increase milk supply. Many studies have shown the positive effects hops can have on menopausal or menstrual symptoms.

CHASTE TREE BERRY (VITEX): Chaste tree berry is, yet another, powerful herb also known as a “woman’s herb.” It has been used for over 2000 years to help alleviate woman’s health concerns such as infertility, menstrual irregularities and other gynecological concerns. This herb not only stimulates milk production in new mothers but also aids in stimulating and normalizing the pituitary gland while nourishing and supporting the endocrine system as a whole. This helps keep all hormone production balanced.

CRAMP BARK: Cramp bark is considered one of the most important uterine antispasmodics. After delivery, the uterus contracts to return it back to its pre-pregnant size. This contracting can be very painful during lactation but specifically latching on and nursing increase uterine contractions. Cramp bark can help alleviate this discomfort. It has been used as a nervine and mild sedative by aiding the body in reducing anxiety, nervous tension, and irritability while promoting a sense of calm and well being.

Please place your order at least one week prior to your babies delivery to allow for us to make pick-up or shipping arrangements before the birth date. If you live within driving distance of our processing lab in Utah we will make arrangements with you to pick up the placenta. If you live within driving distance of our processing lab on the Wasatch Front in Utah, we will make arrangements with you to pick up the placenta. Our driving range is approximately Eagle Mountain to the West, North Salt Lake to the North, Spanish Fork to the south and Park City/Heber City to the East.

If you live outside of our driving range, upon your order, we will mail you a shipping container for your placenta with gel packs for keeping the placenta cold/frozen while being shipped to our lab. Please have the gel packs frozen and the shipping container available at your birth site prior to the birth such that the placenta can be shipped to our lab as soon after birth as possible. Please allow for 2 to 4 business days for processing and shipping after receipt of your placenta.

In the checkout “Order Comments” box tell us your estimated due date, if possible, so that we can have an idea about when to begin scheduling our service. Also, if you are in our driving area you can leave us a pick up address or hospital and viable phone number so we can coordinate pickup. Congratulations on the new baby! We are so happy for you! Call with any questions 801-623-2559.

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