Yoni Steam Postpartum Blend


Product details: A medium application, pictured above, comes in a 3″ X 8″ tea bag made from 100% cotton with wildcrafted and/or organic herbs. Everything is handmade. Wholesale bulk is available.

Ingredients: White Oak Bark, Angelica, Fennel Seeds, Plantain, Comfrey, Astragalus, Ginger, Yarrow, Cramp Bark, Calendula, Rose Petals, Peppermint





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Your body will never be the same after birth, at least that’s what everyone tells you. Natural birth brings with it all kinds of inflammation, tears, nicks, cuts, infection, etc. Along with just an aching soreness and irritation that makes sitting uncomfortable. Yet, standing stimulates a sensation that your whole insides just might fall out through your vagina.
Master Nutritional Herbologist  Rachel Bodily formulated Yoni steam Postpartum Blend to not only combat these ailments and discomforts but even return your vagina to its original tightness.

For thousands of years, women in cultures all around the world have shared the cherished knowledge of Yoni Steams to heal and connect with their bodies. It is a gentle and enjoyable treatment.  has created the finest herbal recipe to help you heal as quickly as possible after birth.

Yoni Steam Postpartum Blend Benefits:

  • -Faster healing of the reproductive system after birth.
  • -Boost the repair of an episiotomy, C-section scar, or vaginal tear
  • -Tone and tighten your lady parts to their original tight state
  • -Significantly reduce the feeling of air bubbles and looseness
  • -Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids.
  • -Relieve chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and works to maintain healthy odor.

*Many women also find that Yoni Steams help to tap into a creative energy potential and generate a feeling of oneness with oneself by releasing stored emotions.

Rediscover with countless women, how Yoni Steam will aid your Postpartum recovery with results you won’t believe.

How Yoni Steam Postpartum works:

Many women’s favorite result of our product is that much like the skin after a facial, the hot stream and the rich nutrients will return your lady bits back to its tight normal self. Master herbalist Rachel Bodily has supercharged her blend to not only speed up your healing process but increases its healing range to all kinds of post-birth complications.

NOTE: Your body needs a little time on its own. Before starting yoni steams postpartum blend, wait a week after birth. If you are still bleeding or have infections do not use treatment. It is recommended to steam repeatedly – two to three times per week until desired results. Expect full recovery four-six weeks.



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