Science Shows Vitamin D May Help Prevent MS In Newborn

I'm a big fan of sunbathing.  I always have been.  I believe the sun and the nutrients it provides the body are very needed.  Vitamin D specifically is a VERY needed nutrient for the human body.  Our main source of Vitamin D is from the sun.  But.....there are other ways you can get Vitamin D as well.  I'll talk about that below.

First read the article below.  It discusses how having your baby certain months out of the year lowers their risk of MS.  As they researched it more, they realized that higher levels of Vitamin D in pregnancy help to prevent gene shifts toward MS tendencies.  

Month of Birth Impacts Immune System Development

"Newborn babies' immune system development and levels of vitamin D have been found to vary according to their month of birth, according to new research."

Because we live in a state where the sun isn't always shining, I've found a Vitamin D3 supplement during pregnancy can help to thwart any potential Vit. D deficiency during pregnancy.  I'm also a fan of getting out in the sun in a nice bikini even when it's cold outside but the sun is shining.  You actually get two wonderful things happening by your doing that.  First, your, of course, getting the Vitamin D from the sun.  And second, your immune system is getting stronger by the cold against your skin and body.  In fact, in Russia, pregnancy women will swim in freezing cold water to boost and build their immune system for themselves and their babies.  Watch the video below.....

For the Vitamin D supplement that I think is the best on the market......Click on the "img" below the image to understand more about Vitamin D and it's AMAZING health benefits.  

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Ways To Make Birth Harder in EVERY Way Possible

I am a huge proponent of complete undisturbed birth.  In leaving birth alone.  In stepping back and just letting and watching the process unfold.  In leaving the mother BE! In giving her the ability to trust her in systems and psyches own abilities to birth in utter bliss and trust the same in her baby.

I believe in Moms.  I believe in babies.  What I do not believe in is the systems or peoples that in any way tells a women how, when and where is best for her to birth her baby.  To think that we have any right to do so is ignorant and destructive in many forms.

A woman's body is built to have a child. Babies bodies are built perfectly for birth. I know, we have all kinds of doctors and specialists stating that some women just CAN'T have babies via the vaginal route.  I don't buy it.  I've seen too much.  I've seen tiny tiny women deliver large large babies.  It's hard to even compute at moments when you see it but it happens.

Knowing that why are we ever thinking that disturbing or disrupting birth in any way can ever be good?  It can't.  That's the answer.  It's that simple.  BIRTH IS SAFE!  INVENTION IS RISKY!! That's the fact, folks.  Once, we tell a women what her birth should look like....or tell her that birth is a very scary experience.....or that she can't or shouldn't do it.....or that someone else knows better than her what her pregnancy and birth should look.....we COMPLETELY disempower women.  Not only that but we pass on that sense of disempowerment onto future generations through the imprinting that is now on the newborn.

We have taken the very sacred process of pregnancy and birth out of the hands of the responsible and VERY capable parties (Mothers) and put that process into hands that should not have taken on a responsibility EVER.  Teaching mothers to trust themselves and to trust the birth process is a opportunity like none other.  To watch a mother feel empowered and peaceful in her pregnancy and birth experience brings such hope for the whole of humanity.  It then teaches each infant that, they to, can trust themselves and their world around them....

Excellent article below.  Just on how to disturb birth and mess it up in every way possible.  Give it a read.

6 Ways to Make Child Birth Longer, More Difficult, and More Painful

"Here are top 6 ways to make birthing more difficult.  If you are accompanying a woman in a birth coming up be sure NOT to do these things.  If you are a pregnant woman make sure you don’t go to a place where these ways are the norm when assisting a birthing woman – unless you want a longer, more difficult and more painful birth:"
In Peace, Rachel

C-Section Trauma at Birth Can Last A Life Time


Since I've already been on the subject of epigenetics so much lately, I thought I'd stay in that vein and post more.  Just wrote an article about it a week or so ago.  You can read it below.

Can You Change Old Negative Belief Patterns to Help Your Baby Change The World?

After you read that article, you should have a better idea of epigenetics and how they work.  Or to learn the article below I posted a bit back.
It's exciting to think that now we see the long term effects of imprinting and epigenetics in the world of cesarean sections.  I work with people to help facilitate emotional healing.  I have found there are dozens of emotional triggers and traumas surrounding their birth experience because of being born by c-section, than just working with a client with "normal" birth trauma.
From my experience, one common psychological trigger that adults born c-section have is a need to control their world beyond a balanced way.  They tend to feel out of control regularly and often wonder why since they can't see a logical, foreseeable reason why they would feel that way.
Read the article below to learn more about how c-section are effecting life long emotional and physical health.
"Despite the increase in surgical intervention at birth, we don't know the effect on the baby, writes Hannah Dahlen

The increasing use of obstetric interventions during birth could be having an impact on children's health. Photo / Supplied
The increasing use of obstetric interventions during birth could be having an impact on children's health. Photo / Supplied
Despite efforts to reduce intervention rates during labour, vaginal births without medical intervention are becoming increasingly rare in Australia and overseas: nearly one in four births in New Zealand are by caesarean..."
To learn and understand more about how you can heal from trauma from you birth experience, read my EMOTIONAL HEALING page.
In Peace,

Early Cord Clamping- It's Illogical and Irrational: Here's Why


Delayed cord clamping.  This subject seems to be on the up and up lately.  I think it's really good that it is.  I believe delayed cord clamping can truly give needed oxygen and nutrients that baby might not get from cutting the cord before pulsation stops.

Early cord clamping has no justifiable bases.  No rationale.  But most hospital struggle with rationale, in any regard, when it comes to birth.  As the article below states, Dr. Jose Tolosa and colleagues write, “Although without clear benefit and no rationale to support it, early cord clamping remains the most common practice among obstetricians and midwives in the western hemisphere” (Tolosa et al. 2010).

I still remember right after my sister delivered her daughter, Regan, that Regan was screaming so hard, that is was painful to listen to.  She has been lying in the warmer so I proceeded to walk over to pick her up and wrap her with the hopes of calming her down.  As I approached Regan to get her, the nurse gave me the dirtiest look and started to question why I would even think it was ok for me to pick up the baby.

I went on to state that Regan was screaming so loudly it was painful for us and her.  I stated that if I could wrap her up and give her to Mom, everyone in the room would be happy.  Most importantly, the baby.  The nurse went on to tell me that the baby had to reach a certain body temperature before I was able to take her out of the warmer.  I argued the point that if I just was able to take the baby out of the warmer and wrap her in a blanket or even better yet, put her on my sister's chest covered in could she not be warmer in that environment instead of the current one?

The nurse still fiercely disagreed with me.  I decided it was time for someone in the room to use logic and love and I then swept my niece up, wrapped her tightly and handed her to my sister.  The crying stopped immediately upon my even picking her up.  Wow, who knew that picking up a baby and comforting them could stop crying and give comfort and peace to the baby?  (Note the sarcasm here)

I only tell the story above to show a small example of how lack of logic can be seen in an hospital environment.  For all of you who think I'm saying there is no logic used in the hospital, I'm not.  So please don't get upset.  I'm simply stating I believe their over use of technology is creating a situation where technology has become believed more than personal intuition.  I find the latter being more true and believable than the former.

Read the articles below on delayed cord clamping.  Watch the very educational video below on delayed cord clamping as well.  I'm sure I've posted these before somewhere but I can find here they are again.  :)

Delayed Cord Clamping: An all of human history practice (20th century exempted)

"There are many things that help our children to be as healthy as possible during their first minutes, hours, days, months and years. If the findings of some new research are correct, then ensuring that our babies get their full volume of blood as they are born might be one of the more important steps we can take for the well-being of our children."

Below is a story of a natural hospital waterbirth with delayed cord clamping.  Here's what your birth can look like in a hospital that uses logic and science.  

"I had been having pre-labour pains and contractions since 37 weeks, so by the time Arya’s due date rolled around, I was well and truly ready to have her."

First, Penny Simpkin explaining the physical aspects of delayed cord clamping and why to do it with your baby.  

LOVE Robin Lim.  Amazing midwife and sister to many.  :)  Listen to her share about delayed cord clamping. 

In Peace,

Pitocin- The Pitfalls


Let's talk about pitocin for a bit here.  Pitocin is synthetic oxytocin.  Oxytocin is the hormone that stimulates contractions within the uterus.  Whether during orgasm or while delivering a child.  Pitocin tries to simulate the same type of contraction that oxytocin does but, sadly, it cannot.  Pitocin instead can make contractions erratic and MUCH stronger than the strength of each contraction  stimulated with oxytocin.

Pitocin is also used when a hemorrhage is taking place.  This is when pitocin can truly be a lifesaving drug.  But....when pitocin is used in the wrong way and without the right reasons for use, then serious damage can be caused.

Please do your homework and know the facts about pitocin.  Ask all the questions to know how or if it is truly safe for you and your baby.  I believe a baby knows how long to gestate and when is the time for it's birth.  Your fetus actually creates the hormones to stimulate your endocrine system to start producing oxytocin.  I have seen Moms deliver babies at 43+ weeks.  Of course, we always take precautions.  We send them to doctors.  We get ultrasounds, if need be to check fluid levels.  We still do our homework.  And if baby is, at all, in distress by all mean do what is necessary to help baby be born safely.

But.....if everything looks healthy and normal and good......why force a Mom to deliver her baby BEFORE that baby might even be ready, all in the name of litigation?  That's the ONLY reason for the choice of induction if all looks well with Mom and baby.  If we could help Moms see that the "seduction for induction" can be so subtle that unless they have educated themselves on all the risks of pitocin and choose to stand up for her and her baby, they will inevitably fall and have potential consequences they may not like.

Please read both articles below.  Both are informative and can help you on your path to understanding pitocin and the pitfalls it can and does create in the birth experience.  The second article is a personal story of a women's allergic reactions and negative response to pitocin.

By the way, EXCELLENT book on the subject of what pitocin really is.  "Childbirth In The Age of Plastics" by Michel Odent. I've mentioned it before and I'm sure I will mention it again. Not a drug to help induce labor.  It a hormone that replaces the bodies natural hormone production.  We are giving women hormone placement.  Nothing less.  Now that's something to really think about and let roll about a bit.


Be empowered in your birth.  Educate!

In Peace,

P.S. I almost forgot.....Just have your baby at home.

"The question I’d like to explore in this article is not whether induction with Pitocin is sometimes necessary – which I believe it is – but whether the frequency of its use today in hospital birth is justified. "
"Pitocin is a synthetic version of Oxytocin, a hormone naturally created in the body. Oxytocin is released naturally during kissing, intercourse, and birth. It reduces the stress hormone known as Cortisol and assists the mother in bonding with her baby. Oxytocin also helps stimulate lactation. Using pitocin reduces the body’s production of Oxytocin. This can create difficulties with the bonding and breastfeeding process after birth."

Raw Foods Class: Crunchy Pea Casserole & Sweet Corn Lettuce Wraps


Crunchy Pea Casserole & Sweet Corn Lettuce Wraps
Information for the class below!

When: Tuesday, April 16th 
Where: Pleasant Grove
Time: 7 pm
Cost: $10

PLEASE RSVP if you are interested in attending.  I make copies for my classes and want to make sure I have enough to hand out! You can email me at  :)

In this class you will learn:
  • How to make 2 raw dishes that can feed the whole family!
  • The benefits of raw foods and why more raw foods creates increased health and happiness in your LIFE!
  • Why spending money on your health INSTEAD of your disease just makes logical sense.
  • Learn how easy and EXTREMELY tasty raw foods can be to make.
  • Understand more about each ingredient in what I make and why your body desperately needs them for nourishment and healing.  
  • Come to taste everything I make so you can try it for yourself before you go home to make it.  :)
  • Learn how to make a SCRUMPTIOUS raw sour cream along with the pea casserole and corn lettuce wraps.  
  • I will have my Smokey Spicy Seeds, Chocolate Nut Bars, Kale Krunchers, Sweet Nut Brittle for sale the night of the class.  Look for upcoming emails about the DELICIOUS food I will now be selling.   
Please come with ANY questions!  Below is my bio for those who may not know me.  I have been in the nutritional/herbal world for 14 years now and am always EXCITED to help others on their path to health and wholeness.

In Peace,

*I am a homebirth midwife, an herbal practitioner, a raw foods educator, emotional healing facilitator & placenta encapsulator. I have received training in many healing modalities. In 2000, I became certified as a Nutritional Herbologist and soon thereafter began teaching classes on nutrition where I taught such subjects as whole foods, raw foods, vegetarianism, veganism, cleansing, supplementation and overall physical and emotional health and well being. I also teach an INSPIRING childbirth course called "LivingMom Childbirth Education Courses." I have since spent the last 14 years researching and educating myself in many matters relating to all forms of alternative therapies. I have worked with many people to help them facilitate their own personal healing and progression. Nine years ago, I was introduced to Native American healing & spirituality . In 2007, I studied with James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney who, soon thereafter, gifted me as a water pourer and medicine women. In 2009, I spent 18 months studying with & have been gifted as a pipe carrier by Richard “He Who Has the Foundations” Swallow, Spiritual Leader of the Eagle Clan of the Lakota Sioux . I have been married to my LOVING husband for 17 years and together we have 5 BEAUTIFUL children, all born at home. I, along with my husband, still participate regularly in Native American teachings & ceremonies.*

Healing Fears Women Have With Childbirth

I wanted to discuss the article called "Top Fears Women Have With Childbirth" and put my 2 bits into it.  I have discussed fear many times.  Click on the links below to read a few articles that I've written on the subject.  I believe fears are a HUGE factor as to how your birth experience takes place and exactly what happens.

Fear is truly the determinant as to whether your birth is horrible or even better, a beautiful blissful experience.  Just like the photo above states, when women release fears and phobias surrounding birth they move out of their comfort zone.  Once that movement takes place, they really can find "where the magic happens" in birth.  Their whole perspectives can and do change once they feel safe within themselves, as pregnant women, and in the birth experience.

Click on the link below to read an excellent article on fears women carry in childbirth.  I have posted below some of my comments to the article.  The article is great, in and of itself, but I wanted to add my own perspectives because I'm they will create more of a thoughtfulness before making a concrete decision on how you might like your birth to do.

Let me know what you think.  My hope is that women will reclaim their bodies and the birth process and know they, ultimately, are the ones in control and their feelings, beliefs, opinions and perspectives do matter.

In Peace,

Top Fears Women Have With Childbirth

  • A fear of not making it to the hospital in time or arriving too early in labor.
Hopefully you have already discussed with your care provider what active labor looks like.  This should be talked about WAY BEFORE labor begins.  Google active labor and know the signs. Also, hire a doula! She has been educated on normal birth processes and should have enough experience to know when is the right time for you to head to the hospital or call the midwife.  If choosing to deliver in the hospital, but hoping for a natural birth, staying home as LONG as possible can make a big difference as to what your birth will look like.  Going to the hospital too soon can create more inventions that can potentially create problems on their own.  
  • A fear your doctor or midwife may not be available when labor starts and you end up with someone different.
I wholly agree that knowing all the care providers that could be at your birth will definitely help with fears.  You might want to even consider finding a practice with fewer options for care providers.  By choosing a home birth, most midwives merely partner together.  So, meeting and knowing only 2 people very comfortably can be an actual possibility.  And yes, make sure your provider will and is available for your birth.  
  • A fear your birth plan will not be taken seriously or totally disregarded.
Great advice and a HUGE MUST for creating the birth you want in a hospital is putting together a birth plan.  When you choose to birth at home, your situation will most likely be VERY different.  Most home birth midwives already have a very natural and holistic approach to birth.  Which means there is no fighting or being torn away from labor (which is so hard in and of itself), that your birth experience can inherently be EXACTLY what you wanted without even having to bat an eye for it.  
  • A fear of feeling unbearable pain.
Childbirth classes can really help release and remove many fears in regards to labor and birth.  I highly recommend them.  I think courses which discuss ALL the aspects of labor and birth instead of just some, can really aid in your understanding and education of the birth process.  And in this situation, the MORE you know really does matter.  You can read more about my childbirth classes at LIVINGMOM CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION.
Hypnobabies has been quite the lifesaver for many of my clients.  I have found it to be very effective in helping with relaxation and finding comfort within your body and the sensations of labor and birth.  I like what she states about the victim feeling, hence the reason I believe looking at fears and doing consistent emotional work during pregnancy can REALLY help a women create the birth experience she wants.  You can read more about the emotional work at my EMOTIONAL HEALING page.  
  • A fear of being confined to a hospital bed unable to stand or walk.
She's right on here! Home birth really is an safe, healthy option when you just want what you want in your birth environment. 
  • A fear of having accidental body function such as urination, bowel movement or vomiting.
I have found that my clients who work through the fears of pain or other issues while pushing find that A) Either they don't experience either problem during birth or B) Those things no longer bother them nor are they afraid of it, so if it does happen it's really no big deal.  
  • A fear of the umbilical cord being around the neck of the baby.
I have worked with women who have had cords around the babies neck in an ultrasound only to have their baby born without a nuchal cord.  They worked hard to help their baby feel safe and at peace while in the womb.  This, they believe, helped remove the cord.  I know it sounds a bit different but if I hadn't seen it, I might not believe it myself. 
  •  A fear of receiving interventions that will lead to fetal distress.
Another reason to consider homebirth. 
  • A fear of death of the baby during labor and birth.
I cannot reiterate enough the vital importance of a Mom working through any and all her fears surrounding her current life experience and her own birth experience.  Those these fears above can be seen as very "normal", they don't have to be present within a birthing women's psyche.  I have seen women after women enter the birth environment only feeling peace, comfort, joy and bliss BECAUSE they faced their fears BEFORE their birth which then helped to stimulate a GLORIOUS birth experience.  One in which they helped shape and create by taking responsibility for themselves, their pregnancy, birth and life thereafter.  
Charlotte Sanchez (CPM) is a Certified Professional Midwife and
Childbirth Educator of over 20 years.

The Birth Of Grant Ellis

I just recently returned from a trip to Colorado to visit my sister and to wait for the delivery of her son Grant.  I absolutely adore in EVERY way watching and being part of my little sister's birth experiences.

I find it interesting that, though I love all my mama's I work with very much, I found I carried a bit of a worry at my sister's birth.  This is not the norm for me.  I did not worry because I felt, in the least, anything might go wrong.  But instead, my worry was carried by the love I have for her.  To watch someone you love, as much as I love my Kimmy, go through the process of pregnancy and birth, brought tears to my eyes because of the love that overflowed from my heart.

With her first pregnancy and birth, she did quite a bit of preparation.  (How could she not?  She has an annoying midwife for a sister who was always bugging her about how to prepare.)  She ate VERY well in both of her pregnancies.  She exercised and even prepared her body BEFORE conceiving.  She worked on emotional issues, though she struggled a bit to do so. 

When labor finally hit, after 2 weeks overdue, it was long and much harder than expected.  Labor lasted about 18 hours or more.  Kim stayed at 8 cm for over 7+ hours.  It was very arduous and overwhelming for her.  Once it was finally time to push her sweet daughter, Jane out, some of her fears stepped in the way and her baby sat in a crowning position for 45 minutes before finally being born.

I was so excited and anxious for Kim to have a different experience with her second pregnancy and birth.  She, again, took care of herself extremely well.  The only big difference with this pregnancy was that she understood more deeply how to take the opportunity of pregnancy to release any and all emotional issues that might not have been cleared from the previous pregnancy and birth experience.  
Let me just say, she was AMAZING!!!  When labor finally started after only being a week overdue this time, she was relaxed, open and ready for it.  She felt fully prepared and even accepted that birth itself might bring up more anxieties and fears but she was ready for the challenge and found peace in it.  Something that had been hard for her to experience and relax into in her 1st birth.
Labor and birth lasted only 5 hours long.  It was short, quick, peaceful and IMMENSELY blissful.  She concentrated on loving her baby by talking to him throughout the whole birth experience. Telling him how good he was doing and how WONDERFULLY excited was she to see him.  I was in awe of my dear baby sis showing such courage and strength in the face something that can be so intense and even overwhelming at times.
She listened to her hypnobabies.  She cried.  She laughed.  She completely opened herself to the sensations, the feelings and whole of the experience.  When it was finally time for her to bring her son into the world, it was only 2 pushes.  Then her and her sweet husband, Jeff, reached down and brought their baby boy to Kim's chest.  We cried some more as we watched the glorious entrance of a new life.  Kim softly spoke to him telling him how much she loved him and how happy she was he had finally come.

I was and am honored to be part of any birth.  To be in the presence of 2 worlds colliding where every single breath is taken away.  To watch women enter their own selves and listen and heed the guidance of their own knowing, along with babies who hear the symphonies call, is something you can put no words to.  Nor should you.  Inspiring. 

Thank you, Kim and Jeff.  Thank you for letting me come and cry.  Thank you for letting me share your home and feel the love each of you have for each other.  Thank you for all of it!  I will miss my Jane.....and wait patiently till I can see you all again.

In Peace,

Support Sergei's Green Smoothie Documentary


The video below looks SUPER fun and like something I think everyone should support!  I still remember the first time I saw Sergei, here in Utah, at a class him, his sister and their parents were teaching 12 years ago.  It was my VERY first introduction to raw foods.

The dietary changes that Sergei and his sister, Valya, made at such a young age were inspiring.  Both kids were still in elementary school when they choose, of their own free will, to stop eating all the s@*$ that was making them sick.  They then started introducing organic, fresh, raw fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds.....and found the health and healing they were looking for.


Sergei is gifted at many things and I believe making this documentary would be one of them.  If you click on his KICKSTARTER PAGE, you can scroll down to the end and see other videos he has made.

Not only do I believe this film he's making would be great because he's doing it but how even more AMAZING to make a film about green smoothies.  Green smoothies are PHENOMENAL and have helped my personal health in a wide variety of ways.  From helping to heal my Hashimoto's Thyroiditis to healing my bowels, to giving me the energy to function at an optimal level each and every day.

I advise all the Mom's I work with to incorporate green smoothies into their diets daily.  The greens can give Mom and baby volumes of needed dense minerals to help with fetal growth.  Just like I have discussed the imprinting that can take place on baby through emotional stresses and triggers placed on Mom, I also believe we create food imprints on our children.  Babies will enjoy eating and have the physiological make up for whatever food Mom is eating and digesting in pregnancy.

So....if you want your babies to eat and LOVE green smoothies, then PLEASE drink them daily in your pregnancies and they will, I promise.  I ate horrible diets with my first 2 kids and started changing to a healthier diet in my 3rd pregnancy.  With my last 2 children, my diet was EXCEPTIONAL and the foods they now enjoy eating are the VERY same foods I ate while pregnant with them.  It really does make a difference.  Click on the link below to read more about my perspective on raw foods and nutrition during pregnancy.

"I am a HUGE fan of raw foods and the raw foods diet.  I have been eating a raw foods diet for 10 years now.  I believe how we eat stimulates an life long imprinting on our unborn babies on how they will eat.  Raw foods, because of the high enzymatic factors...."

Watch the video below and then jump on over to SERGEI'S KICKSTARTER PAGE and DONATE!!!  This is going to be an EXCELLENT documentary, I know it! I believe what the Boutenko family is doing and has done up till now is a VERY NEEDED work that we all need to support so we can to part of creating a healthier and happier world.  
In Peace,

Keep Baby Healthy From Conception On & A Man Having a Baby

Sperm swimming in the direction of the egg cell
Sperm swimming in the direction of the egg cell

Just found a GREAT article on Dr. Mercola's site.  Though I'm not a big fan of his stuff, necessarily......I thought I'd pass along his article as most of the information really is educational and worth reading.

"Children's health and full potential are being limited before their lives have begun, starting in the womb and continuing through birth and the early years."
Knowledge and understanding of how to prepare for a new life can make a HUGE impact, not only on your baby but on FUTURE generations as well.  As discussed in a earlier post, shown below, the study of epigenetics is now showing exactly HOW it does effect future generations.  Read below.

Education BEFORE conception can be vital for the health and well being of your baby.  By taking care of your body thru making healthy lifestyle choices and by taking care of stresses and past wounding, a mom can truly prepare herself for conception.  Preparation is a MUST as to not pass onto baby all our ill health or unwanted emotional baggage.

Lastly, a man having a baby! Well, he's not really having a baby, of course, but it shows is experience with a simulated process of what labor might feel or be like for a man.  Watch and have a good laugh!

Happy Friday!

In Peace,

Unassisted Childbirth- Can It Be Really Safe?

Let's discuss unassisted birth today....or FREE BIRTH as many people are calling it.  I happen to be a midwife who actually SUPPORTS unassisted childbirth under the right circumstances. Yes, you read that right!  I believe in a women's RIGHT TO CHOOSE how, when and where she delivers HER baby.  Wow, in our day and age it's such a strange concept to let a women take ALL the responsibility and ALL of HER baby that she created WITHOUT the help of a professional. (Are you staring to really feel my passion on the subject?)

Birth is about PARENTS....mothers and fathers and babies.  Not doctors or midwives.  For some reason, we've got it all backwards.  We think that without doctors and midwives that birth can't or won't or shouldn't happen the way it's supposed to.  Yeah, that's totally wrong.  I could go down the list of births which I have attended where I did almost NOTHING but help Mom and Dad catch their baby.

Now, I'm not an idiot either.  I know complications in birth can and do happen. But....just like Gregory J. Whits states in his book "Emergency Childbirth" any 8 year old child can deliver a baby.  I actually believe what he says.  We have put SO MUCH FEAR into childbirth that we've convinced women their bodies and their babies are ill equipped to know how to deliver a child.  This could be FARTHER from the truth.

I'm not saying either that pregnancy and childbirth doesn't have it's potential complications and problems.  But, I believe when a women is taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for herself, her conception, her pregnancy and her birth, complications are much less likely.  Why do I say that, you ask?  Because when a women feels that what happens in her pregnancy and birth is completely up to her, her perspectives of the experience and how to care for it completely change.

Laura Shanley discusses her experiences and the experiences of other women in her book.....UNASSISTED CHILDBIRTH.....and how preparation and education can create a wonderful and safe birth environment and experience.  Below is a video with her explaining WHY unassisted childbirth can be safe and right for certain mothers and families.

As Laura states above,  FEAR is the prime issue when it comes to having the birth experience you hope for.  Fear stymies all the bodies processes from functioning appropriately and as they should. Removing the old beliefs and thought patterns of fear can truly create a pain free and blissful birth experience.
Below is an article which discusses unassisted childbirth and the perspective of doctors on the subject.....which, of course, are negative. But how women ar still choosing to listen to their intuition, their bodies and their babies.
"But when the Calgary woman decided to have her next two children at home, without the assistance of a doctor or midwife, her own mother told her a hospital is the best place to have a baby."

In Peace,

Placenta Chat-Have a Good Laugh

I thought today should just be funny day and I would post some videos I recently found on Hollywood stars and placenta chat.  Hope you ENJOY!  And that it makes you laugh.....I did!

In Peace,

Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons NOT To Have Your Baby In A Hospital

I wanted to share with you an EXCELLENT book which discusses the in and outs of childbirth and WHY choosing to have your baby at home could be the BEST bet for you, your baby and your family.  Jock is a fascinating writer and his perspectives on the world of pregnancy and birth need to be shared with every women and man desiring to get pregnant.  
His book delves into the abusive practices that take place within our hospitals today.  He discusses how and why our modern day birth practices have been taken out of the hands of parents and how to open yourself to taking a bigger role in the pregnancy and birth of your infant. 
Click on the links below to read testimonials from some of the most respected and educated people in the birth world today. And then.....  PLEASE purchase Jock's book at the link below for only $2.  This price is RIDICULOUS  for all the information and deep wisdom that has been placed in his book.  A MUST READ!!!  
Read below to get more information on how to purchase the book. :)

"One of my eBooks on natural health. on special today for $2. "Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital, Volume 1" compares the safety of two distinctly different childbirth locales: home birth (with a midwife) and hospital birth (with an obstetrician). My eBook "Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital, Volume 1" If you are interested in reading Volume One of my eBook, please send $4 to my PayPal account with the words "Spontaneous Creation, Volume 1" in the subject line. Volume One is 350 pages long. This is an eBook, not a paper book. The eBook's 51 chapters are listed below:

1 You want to live.
2 You want your baby to live.
3 You don't want a cesarean section.
4 You don't want another cesarean section.
5 You don't want to hemorrhage.
6 You don't want an episiotomy.
7 You don't want epidural anesthesia.
8 You don't want your baby to have birth defects.
9 You don't want your baby to be taken away from you.
10 You want to bond with your baby.
11 You don't want someone to deliver your baby.
12 You don't want your baby delivered with forceps.
13 You don't want your baby delivered by vacuum extraction.
14 You don't want your baby to be stillborn.
15 You want your birth attended by a woman.
16 You want your birth attended by your husband.
17 You want your birth attended by your children.
18 You want your birth attended by your caregiver.
19 You want a quick birth.
20 You want a personal birth.
21 You want a private birth.
22 You want a natural birth.
23 You want a spiritual birth.
24 You don't like pain.
25 You want to give birth in a position of your choice.
26 You are not afraid of your pelvis.
27 You are not afraid of your umbilical cord.
28 You don't want to give birth according to a doctor's schedule.
29 You don't want to please a king.
30 You want your baby to be smart.
31 You want your baby to be astrologically correct.
32 You want your baby to smile.
33 You want to participate in an ancient process.
34 You believe in nature.
35 You believe in science.
36 You don't believe that the female body is defective.
37 You don't believe in the male mother.
38 You want to surrender to nature, not culture.
39 You want to feel empowered.
40 You want to eat during labor.
41 You want to drink during labor.
42 You're not fooled by the term "birthing room."
43 You're not fooled by the term "informed consent."
44 You're not fooled by the term "due date."
45 You're not fooled by the term "high risk."
46 You're not fooled by the term "birth plan."
47 You don't want to ride in a car during labor.
48 You want to give birth naked.
49 You want to have an orgasm.
50 You don't want to experience prolapsed cord.
51 You don't want to experience postpartum depression.

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Aspartame: Weight Gain Or Retardation in Baby? You Decide!


Ok, my friends.  I'm sure that many of you already know this information but.....I HAD to share.  I have a mother (who I LOVE dearly) who is a diet coke addict.  She drank coke during ALL her pregnancies. I am surprised with all the health knowledge that is around today how women STILL, whether pregnant or not, drink ANYTHING or even INGEST anything with aspartame in it.  As you notice above, DEATH can be a side effect of drinking aspartame.  
Some recent studies done on preterm birth and diet soda.  Here's a short video below which discusses that. 
Read the articles below to learn more about the negative effects of aspartame on your health and the health of your baby.  In the second article, you read an article from the BIRTH DEFECTS RESEARCH FOR CHILDREN website, how one women thinks her large consumption of aspartame caused retardation in her infant. 
Another MUST WATCH video on the effects SEVERELY negative effects of aspartame on YOU and YOUR UNBORN INFANT!  
"Aspartame is sold as NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, and Equal-Measure. These artificial sweeteners are all aspartame, just with different names. Neuroscientist, Dr. Russell Blaylock discusses in his book Excitotoxins that there are several toxic breakdown chemicals from these aspartame products that make them dangerous for a developing fetus but also for mothers."
"The aspartame controversy was first brought to BDRC's attention by a pediatric nurse who put us in touch with the Mills family in Georgia. Their son Brandon was born with serious neurological impairment and developmental delays. Karen Mills was exposed to excessive doses of aspartame and phenylalanine during her pregnancy."
Please watch the video at the beginning of the article below. Very Fascinating!

Proven Unsafe But FDA Approved-Are You Still Consuming This Man Made Poison

"According to former Sentator Howard Metzenbaum, who reviewed the FDA's approval process of aspartame in the Senate in 1987, "I think there were a lot of politics involved in its being approved." Research scientist Dr. Olney is even more blunt, "the issue (aspartame) is really not an issue of science, it's an issue of politics."
Not only does ingesting aspartame cause potential harmful effects for you and baby, it does and can, create excess weight gain.  Watch the video below to find out how and why that works!
Here are some links to previous blog posts that might be of interest to you that are related to the subject at hand. I hope that everyone reconsiders their dietary choices ESPECIALLY in pregnancy!  It is vital for the health of future generations that Mom's and Dad's take full responsibility for their health and the health of their children.
In Peace,

Can You Change Old Negative Belief Patterns to Help Your Baby Change The World?

Raising consciousness and thought levels of humanity through understanding what actually takes place in the womb is subject matter that is a HUGE passion of mine.  Women are the main creators of human kind that shapes and forms what our world will look like in the future.

Map painted on hands - concept of having the world in our hands

Map painted on hands - concept of having the world in our hands
 I have worked with women in some form or another for the past 16 years.  I have seen the struggle women have to move and shapes their lives in the way they want and need for their happiness.  We live in a world where we believe our happiness comes from some outside source but this is probably one of the BIGGEST lies we feed ourselves.  This lie is then passed from one generation to another which ends up making personal responsibility and personal growth quite difficult.  The difficulty lies in the woman's ability to see her happiness and ALL humans happiness is an internal compass not an external one.

The NEW research and science that is being done by the APPPAH (Association for Perinatal Psychology and Health) is quite PHENOMENAL.  EPIGENETICS is a new form a science that is showing how diet, lifestyle choices, social interactions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, perspectives and beliefs really do shape our world while in utero.  Those belief patterns are then passed onto future generations.  I have written a few times on the subject.  Click the links below to understand more about what perinatal psychology is and how it NEEDS to be understood to help future generations.......Please watch the video below, which is actually quite funny, that explains the science behind epigenetics more clearly.  YOU CAN SHIFT AND CHANGE future generations in a WIDE variety of holistic way!


Below is an another video which discusses the emotional and psychological effects of "Womb To World." How the effects of our choices BEFORE conception change future beliefs and actions. I believe it's time for all of us of the human race to WAKE UP! To take control and responsibility for our lives to the extent that we stop the patterns of blame and projection.  We open ourselves to any and all healing the effects us in such ways that we DON'T pass our stuff to our children when, honestly, it's NOT theirs to be burdened with in the first place.
It's TIME!  It's time to make the change.  It's time to let go of the fears and old belief patterns and ideology that hold us back from really being the driver seat in our world and teaching our children to be the driver seat in theirs.  I will hear me say it over and over..... 'BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN YOUR WORLD!"  That's the ONLY way happiness and peace can infiltrate and take over our current world of war and heart ache.  Who's with me?

In Peace,