Energy Work

Science has now proven that we are all energy. Einstein showed this truth with his mathematical equation of E=MC2. Through our unique system of charkas, our energy is in constant motion. This aids in homeostasis. When energy becomes stagnant, homeostasis cannot take place. Our own bodies and souls are EXCELLENT healers, and when we give them the tools amazing miracles take place. Energy work is just one of the tools to bring about MIRACLES!

Co-Op Questions

Often times people ask me about the co-op I belong to. It is called Azure Standard and anyone intersted in joining can contact Charlene Stott at 785-0943.

The benefits include getting organic food for a wholesale price.

Here is a link if you want to view the kinds of products that are offered, but again, contact Charlene if you want to join up.

Love the Journey

Sugar Blues by William DuffyIn January of 2001 I arrived on the path of health through nutrition by reading the book Sugar Blues. I immediately began my transition by eliminating refined sugar from my diet. Within six months I had eliminated all whites (milk, sugar, rice, flour). Within a year I was 100% vegan. My total transition time to raw food was eighteen months.

Looking back on my journey to this point, I do not know that I ever had in mind that I would be a raw or living foodist, or a vegan or vegetarian. I have eaten a 100% raw food diet for almost four years yet I am still transitioning. For me, it has been important to place my emphasis on the journey instead of the destination. My rule of thumb is to pay attention to the signals my body is constantly sending me in determining what I feed it. This takes place as I learn the difference between cravings and true hunger. By listening to those signals, I refuse to label myself, instead my goal is to be the healthiest person I can possibly be. I achieve this goal through constant education and daily meditation.

I would like to emphasize that it has, at times, taken my entire store of self discipline to stay on this path. If I have succeeded, it is because I have discovered a higher purpose along the way. God bless you, and may you find happiness in YOUR journey.

Transitioning Tips

Educating yourself will be one of the best things you can do to stay focused. A good goal for me was trying to read a book a week. Be prayerful as you decide what books to read. Utilize the internet. It is the most inexpensive way to learn! I love it! Here are a few guidelines to help you along the way:

Sugar: This is the first thing I cut out and I believe the most important. You will stop some strong food cravings just by doing so. Read Sugar Blues, by William Dufty and any other book that can teach you about the addictive qualities of sugar. Replace sugar with honey, xylitol, agave nectar, or maple syrup.

Whites: These include rice, breads, tortillas and pastas. Transition these with 100% whole wheat products. With bread, make sure it is honey whole wheat. As time passes, you can make another transition moving into sprouted grains. Once again, read books discussing the side effects of processed foods. A good book is Beating the Food Giants, by Paul A. Stitt.

Pasteurized Dairy Products: Extremely mucus forming! The book called Milk The Deadly Poison, by Robert Cohen tells of what effects it has on the body. Replace pasteurized milk products with unheated dairy or soy products. Lars Woolsey has state licensed unheated goat and cow milk. It is excellent. His number is: 362-6586

Avoidance of Meat: Try to cut out as much meat as possible. Read books on eating large amounts of meat and the negative effects it has on the body. There are studies that show that consuming large amounts of meat can cause cancer. Replace meat with steamed vegetables and squashes. A excellent book that discusses this is called The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell.

As you begin, eat at least a 50 percent raw food diet. That really is not difficult. Replace one meal a day with a large salad. While going through your transition, eliminated more and more cooked food from your diet and replace it with raw food. Also, read as many raw food books as you can (see some great recommendations on the right-hand column of this webpage). Search the internet - there are tons of recipes. Pay attention to how you are feeling. Be grateful for the abundant health and happiness you will be creating for yourself. Remember, this is FUN and EXCITING!!! Enjoy the ride.